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Same as the minor.


2,000 each is it? Sure that alone would be enough for them to give it the two fingers.


Then maybe before one of the semi-finals.


Play it the day before ?


9 am that morning, then they get out by midday


Not mad about it. We need to merge the league with the championship and sorry about the likes of Wicklow but they have no business in the top tier. you can;t have a losers second tier as no one want to know. Promotion to the top tier the following year needs to be the incentive to winning the lower tier.


What did Wicklow ever do to you?? Bloody nicest county in Ireland - the Garden County no less! Home of Glendalough, Avoca, half of the Dublin Wicklow mountains, Avondale, Glenroe and Katie Taylor. Shame on you! May I apologise to @wicklowblue in advance.


I thought i’d give Leitrim a break.


That’s what I’d favour too. Div 1 would play for say the Sam Maguire, Div 2 for e.g The Paidi O’Se Cup and so on with the winners and runners up of the 3 leagues below moving up as per normal and bottom 2 being relegated . There has to be an incentive for these counties to take it seriously and I don’t think they would with the 2 x16 proposal after a group stage.



The last line in that article sums up Parkinson’s ego “ I never left when I was the most important player”. Suppose theres plenty of space in that head to convince himself.


So he’s rather go to America and earn a few bob than have a go at Sam with Carlow. I don’t mind what the fella does himself but remember this when there is outrage against a tiered championship proposal.


Is he a student ?


And what about the Hozier dept?

And this:


Ridiculous choice.


Jaysus @ProudDub your gaff came second - you should be well pleased


Did they refuse you and yer mates for a hen night?


Chicken, as you well know, painting something bright pink isn’t always a good thing.



More ‘Ah but you know what he meant’ BS…