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A great diary edition, though.


The gift that keeps on giving.


Typical Aido. Prickin’ about, when his team needs him. :grinning:

Edit: Apparently, he (and the other participants) are filming this during this week. De fillum will shown at the fundraiser in the Breaffy clubhouse, on the Friday night before the Galway game. Big Aido & the boys…ahem…won’t be there in person. ‘Aw rats’ sez B Flynn, @DUB09 & the nations so called GAA journalists.


This is really taking the mickey …


Fair balls to him.
Was Frank Moloney the donor?



This should be on the good news thread!


It’s being done this week not 2 days before he game. If you really want tickets all u gotta do is ask :wink:


I can’t believe Mammy allowed this!


Big Aido has had his arse spanked so many times on big days in Croker, just show that!

Save all the hassle!


Barefaced cheek of you coming in here to imply we Dubs find anything funny in all this. :grinning:



Wooly wouldnt lie!


Was agreeing with him up until he said the last two years worked well. Might work well for the senior county team but the club’s not so much.

Reading between the lines there it appears there’s a bit of friction between himself and Rochford.

Is he saying Galway have an unfair advantage over Mayo? Bit early to be looking for excuses


Believe it not I know this lad… a cavan fella I worked with him for a while. Football nut. What do tis think of his proposal.


So there is a league, a provincial championship, the Sam Maguire and a Paidi O Se Cup? Do we really need 4 inter county competitions?
Also with this proposal the Paid O Se Cup is a consolation prize that players are not going to take seriously.

I love the line on keeping the national league as they are great for playing and trying out new players. FFS that is what club games should be for.


Donegal 2-21 Mayo 2-18 in a behind closed doors challenge game in Ballyshannon last night. Very intense game by all accounts. Brendan Harrison played for Mayo but still no sign of Cillian.


they have tried the B and C championships before - theres was no interest in it then , dont see how its magically going to change.


Playing the final in Croke Park on the same card as the Sam Maguire Final would be a big incentive. The All-Ireland Minor Hurling and Football finals can be played to tie in the with All-Ireland club finals - would probably fit in better with exam schedules.
I would drop the provincial championships but that last point by me is probably the reason that nothing like this will happen.

The more things don’t move along, the more Bart/@TheLoneRanger will be proven right about inter-county players becoming totally detached from their clubs and not playing any club games.


How many tickets would you give participating counties?? :open_mouth: