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Of course, we don’t any ambiguity on decisions come championship now do we? :+1:


I had a theory about this but it would be cuntish to talk about it tbh .


The Ballaghaderreen man appeared to make contact with Deegan during the flashpoint

according to the GAA appearances can be decieving.

speaking of DC (you see what I did there) being a fan as i am of double standards I was shocked and stunned to discover that I never knew about the portlaoise prat’s very similar brush with the law back in 2004. the fact that I only discovered it the other day was equally so, as you’d expect people to bring it up as much as DC’s criminal act, but there you go!


What’s this ?


drinking and fighting.
fighting and drinking


What the incident in Athlone?




I’m no fan of the chap but don’t think we need to post stuff from 14 years ago


So clubs used to have their players for 15 out of 18 games a year. Now they have them for 9.

That’s some legacy Mr. Duffy.


Pissed myself laughing at this part of the story…

Parkinson was in a drunken state when he swung twice at Mr Macken in the toilets of the nightclub. CCTV footage showed that he missed his target on both occasions.

No Hawkeye needed there, a swing and a miss! :grinning:


yeah, well, my point is that i knew nothing of it, and have heard nothing said about it ever. it is a stark cotrast with the DC situation, where his assault in the pub/nightclub is brought up by every scote under the sun as often as they can who at the same time laud the prat. His assualt is also brought up by the GAA media in more couched terms whenever he is in the spotlight as well, but we dont see the GAA media menioning it about one of their own.

you can also add into that category the mickey hearte story which was dug up about him providing a character referance in the case of a man who sexually assulted a woman and threw her half naked from a van.


he was well able to connect when he and his mates got the other lad onto the ground though.

the people we are expected to look up to in GAA media ladies and gentlemen.


Around the same time, you’ve had a galway player thrown off the panel as they were caught gargled and driving - never prosecuted or charged but caught.

you had a player from carlow with gambling debts who business men paid off.

the corner back from tipp got thrown off the panel last year - ive heard why but have no plans to post it.

i’m sure there are many more examples from counties around the country.

dont see why we are dragging up peoples names and former crimes up. Dermo is a key player and high profile and unfortunate for him and us , it will get dragged up.


Forearmed is forewarned. I wasn’t aware of Parkinson’s past but to be honest I’m glad I know of it now. I don’t have any interaction with him at all by choice but should I be unfortunate to enough to encounter his moralising it will be a fitting time to remind him of his own indiscretions.

People in glass houses and all that…


thats true, but the only point i am making is that here is an almost exact replica of the DC assault and unlike the DC assualt it is never mentioned to the point i hade never heard of it.


not mentioned because he is irrelevant.


What? Says who? I missed have missed that email! :wink:


Aidan O’Shea doing the Full Monty as a club fundraiser two nights before the Mayo Galway game.

Tabloids will enjoy themselves with those images


That would be typically daft.