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was listening to a podcast yesterday where the presenter was lauding an initiative to increase the poor levels of GAA participation in Belfast.

One of ideas which he was in favour of is to bring in full time trainers into schools (they would have several schools each to look after) in an effort to start at the bottom and hope that the numbers would come true. The presenter, Colm Parkinson, said it was “crazy” that Belfast didnt have better participation and referenced Wexford where there is a 41% GAA participation rate. He also pointed out that Belfast has to get to that level and it should be a “powerhouse” of the GAA and it was a disgrace that it wasn’t.


Ha, the fcuking irony of it all. Would that not be financially doping a future generation???


i might tweet him this

as repeatedly sending it to bitter never worked, ironically.


But he’ll retort that Belfast has a smaller population or something like that…


Read some of the report published by Antrim GAA.

Out of 48,000 primary school kids in Greater Belfast only 2,500 are members of GAA clubs.

Tough job ahead improving those numbers.


How many of those 48,000 would be from a non Unionist background…50/50, 60/40 ???


Can you rule out maybe between 24,000-28,000 as coming from a background who believe the GAA is the IRA at play and are, therefore, never going to be interested?


Don’t know PD.

They didn’t give a breakdown of that.

But I know even locally some of the primary & secondary schools play no GAA at all.


i heard that the figure was 6% but wasn’t aware of the numbers.

so to get it to the 40% its around 20,000?


It’s only financial doping when it involves Dublin :roll_eyes:

Wooly proving once again what a fucking eejit he is


Probably. About 3 years ago a local secondary school in a loyalist area tried to get a GAA team together. Some of the students were very interested & some of the teachers were prepared to train & coach.
Blocked by objections from a lot of parents.


Somebody told me the participation rate in Methody is 0%.

The other fella probably couldn’t point out Belfast on a map …


Spot on with your sums!

It’s very ambitious. I hope it’s a great success, but I think it will take a long time to reach their target.


Looking at the 2017 General Election results for Belfast:

East Belfast had about 2.5% made up of combined Nationalist/Republican votes (just over 1% voted Green Party).
North Belfast had about 46% combined Nationalist/Republican votes (1.4% voting Green Party).
South Belfast had about 42% combined Nationalist/Republican votes (another 5% was Green Party).
West Belfast, if you were to include People Before Profit (I’d imagine largely Republican/Nationalist), returned about 84% combined Nationalist/Republican votes (with no Green Party candidate).


It just won’t happen in some areas. Even if kids want to give it a go, parents won’t have it.