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City can clinch it next Weekend v Swansea. Wasn’t around yesterday - what score did Man Utd beat West Brom by?


1-0. Chris Smalling with a bicycle kick from 30 yards out (probably). Mourinho said afterwards that the players should take all the credit as it’s not about him. .


Paul bealin hitting the crossbar was 97, last minute penalty. That goal at the Canal End was the bane of our lives from the day Charlie missed his first peno against Meath in 88 (League Final drawn game?) til the 2016 final replay when Dermo broke the spell. Can’t recall did Charlie sky it or just go for the point? Either way after that it was just one killer penalty miss after another. Leinster Final 88? Keith Barr in 91. Vinnie in 92. Bealin in 97. The only relief in all of it was that Charlie’s miss and Barr’s rebound miss in 94 were into the Hill.


Christ, what has it all come to? For what died the sons of Roisin??


Yes I meant 97. ■■■■ sake Al, ya must be wide awake after the nigh shift! :wink:


My toes may never uncurl after watching that…


That was the moment when we knew it was all over for that Dublin team.


True! Its was a scorcher of day in South Boston, I went drinking all day and was fucked by 6, had to go work the next day and listen to a load of Connemera and Kerry lads slag the bollocks out of me. Fuckers


He put it over the bar. He barely took a run at it, just tried to place it but made a mess of it. He then lay out flat on his back. Very last kick of the game , we were 3 behind I think.


Is that why you emigrated? You can come back now Meath are absolutely shite . Ah I agree 91 was worse than all Ireland final defeats imo. The manner of it after playing the only football played that day ,to lose to that shower of talentless thugs. Worse football day ever.


Charlie’s miss was in the '88 Leinster final. Dublin were 2-5 to 0-8 down and he needed to goal it to force a replay.


At least the fuckers didn’t win the AI that year after all the games they played that year ,10 wasnt it ???


Yeah - they drew with Wicklow in the quarter final. Our game was a preliminary too … imagine being out of the All Ireland even before the provincial quarter final!! :open_mouth:


Not goin give Meath credit for me emigrating …

Yep we had that one in the bag n it was a series that literally stopped the country n the defeat was purely down to show boating which was amazing given the context of comebacks in previous games … up there with our best ever show boating display which was 06 ? V mayo in semi …


The fist pump after connolly scored was a great Diarmo moment much like his calm down gesture when he won the free last september.I hope he is back.pure winner.


Not what I meant. It was intimated that our hardcore support is what we bring to our own away league games i.e. 5 to 7k. If the same was applied to other counties then their hardcore supports would be in the low 100’s.


yea, i was agreeing with you :grinning:


Was living in London in 1991. Flew home for games & flights weren’t cheap then. Anyway, the girlfriend’s sister was getting married the day of the 4th game v Meath.
Had a right few rows over the money I was spending on flights after the 3 drawn games. We were saving for a house deposit. So came home for the wedding, more rows because I wanted to go to Croker, she wasn’t having it. I gave in. Went to the church then Tara Towers in Sandymount for reception.
Told her I was going to the bar, but did a runner in a taxi to Croker.
Ended up on Hill 16 wearing a morning suit. Got some slagging.
We all know how it ended.
Went back to the hotel. Herself or none of the family would speak to me. Bar the groom. He was from Kiltimagh. He was ok about it.
A day made in hell.


She’s still with you after that @BelfastDub ??? You must be fcuking loaded or something …


Jebus no!

That was the final straw. Back to London a single man after that!