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Can’t build one full stop, officially PUC is €80 million but I heard higher. That was on a site virtually donated and was cost cutted by using the struts on the end terraces. Even selling Parnell park and o toole Park wouldn’t go near the money DCB would be expected to put in, and you can imagine the GAA and governmental political opposition to “helping the dubs”

There was a very interesting discussion on the state of football on Sunday sport today. When the issue of GDOs in Dublin by cheddar plunkett came up Joanne Cantwell said “they should be stopped” thinking that was where he was going, but no, he and Dessie Dolan were saying that other counties should get more of them, just copy the Dublin situation and have county boards contact Dublin GAA to find out how they have done what they have done.

Joanne is a real company woman going by that and her panicked reaction to mcconville being pissed off by the “old farts”in charge of county boards.

Worthy of a listen.


Won’t be anything like 83 for multiple reasons. 83 in Cork and 01 in Thurles were unique, unplanned one-off things.


For some reason was in canal for first game … was on what was reffered to as Hill16A for game in cork … was a blistering hot day which just added to whole carnival athmosphere …

Hard to believe it’s 35 years ago … been a bit of a journey since as wasonthehill83 just mentioned


Barney’s goal in the drawn game is still my greatest pure moment of ecstacy, relief and joy but only because of my age and lack of perspective at the time. Kevin’s late goal in the 2013 semi-final is really the greatest moment, Barney’s is second, probably Cluxton’s winning free next, though close to that would be Jack Sheehy’s winning point against Meath in around 93.
Also up there of course Kevin’s goal in the 2011 final, and Dermo’s point at the end of the 2016 semi-final, and Deano last year. The frees don’t quite match the in-play moments, and Kevin’s goal in 2011 was a massive reprieve but still a sort of disbelieving no-man’s land as regards the emotional and mental aftermath, still so much left to do.

In regards to occasions, 83 in Cork, and 01 in Thurles will hardly be matched. The context of 2001 for example, was that we’d been badly in the doldrums with no sign of recovery since 96, we hadn’t played Kerry in championship since the halcyon days, and Kerry were champions, and then on top of that Thurles came up very unexpectedly as the selected venue, so you had the very unusual later championship trip element plus the fact that Thurles has all that GAA legend about it, and at the time the whole hurling fever was at its peak with so many classic games having happened in Thurles in the previous 15 years or so.


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Barney’s goal in the drawn game is still my greatest pure moment of ecstacy, relief and joy but only because of my age and lack of perspective at the time. [/quote]

I hope Mrs @FiscalRectaltude doesn’t read this.


Agreed. I think there was two of them moments in that match. The goal was incredible but the way the match had gone up till then it still wasn’t over. Dermos point just after the goal was also amazing. That was the confirmation of us winning what was imo the greatest game of my 29 years.


While I appreciate that, 2011 and Cluxtons free, will be forever for me the greatest experience and game in my adult life watching football. The sense of relief and pure joy will never be equaled.


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“relief”? Beeeeeekohhhhh!


Out of interest what would you say other counties core supports are considering most would have less than a couple of hundred at away league games?


Hope Mrs JJ doesn’t…ah feck it.


Yeah I’d agree with that. From the turnover for the goal to Stepho’s point there were just so many things - the goal, Kevin Nolan’s point, Bernard’s point, Donaghy’s effort and then the free! The ground certainly shook that day!


MDMA’s miss at the end of a great passage of play that included Nolan winning a brilliant ball in midfield, Kevin carrying and carrying, and a really good interchange that put MDMA into a good position but he lashed it and it ballooned wide. That would have put us two ahead and changed the dynamic, Kerry needing a goal or to score one point, then another, and us then defending en masse. It was better the way it worked out!

Also there was another Dublin attack where a good ball was put into BB, who had Marc O’Se on his tail, but I would have back Berno to turn him and have an easy punched point or win a free. However for reasons known only to Berno and Marc they ran out so fast they overshot the run to the ball, and it went over both their heads (the pass itself looked perfectly placed for BB to run onto).


Not sure counting away fans would count as core support, those are the hardcore :sweat_smile:


Berno’s point came from that after Kealy pulled on the ball too much and Killian Young couldn’t keep it in play


Hard to rank from 1-5 but for me TOP moments
74 win … came outta nowhere and started everything we have today
77 semi v Kerry followed immediately after with Thin Lizzy in dalymount … u can just imagine reaction we he sang “ the boys are back”
2011 Final …
2013 semi
92 or 93 Leinster v Meath … after 91 this was huge and the rivalry with them was immense

Worse moment will forever be 91 v Meath …


Fucking hell :joy::joy::joy:


96 against Meath was for me the worst. Watching it in south Boston with every mordonian in the city there. Paul bealin hitting the crossbar and the screams and howls of the orcs…



A minute of my life that I can never get back.

Still thankful that I’ve never ever seen that Aguero goal v QPR


The sad fuckers.


The following seasons MOTD I’d have to wait to turn it on because the fuckers had that goal right at the end of the titles