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I’d love to know what industry standard they are applying.


You better believe it. I didn’t get to hear who was talking. Came into it in the middle of the interview.

The interviewer challenged the person about 50000 dollar a table dinners in the States. The interviewer accepted that these have taken place. So more money on top of the 6 million from the GAA.

The interviewee also accepted that GAA people in the States are more than a little annoyed that they are extracting money from sponsors who could be helping the GAA in America.

You really would wonder where we are going as an Association.


We still don’t know why Earley walked early? (Sorry!)


Once they took money from Sky the door was open and couldn’t be shut. All self inflicted. If you are going to directly charge people to watch players then the players are going to look for some of that money.

Also is it ok for Kerry, Mayo, Donegal, etc to take millions out of the US to fund their senior teams?


That is incredible!


If that wages figure is accurate, & you then account for overhead on premises etc.
(I’m assuming they have an office) I’d love to know what their total expenditure for the year was.
I’d also doubt the wage bill is an equal split between 12 employees.
Are you going to pay receptionist/secretary that sort of money?
Don’t want to be too critical as I don’t know enough about the setup, but to me it does seem a large budget for what they do.


That’s the ‘John Delaney’ reasoning. I can get this or more elsewhere!


The interviewee was presented with the figures and did not dispute them. It means that some of them are on six figure salaries!


Any vacancies?


30k travelled by all accounts.
By the way, were you on the Hill in 83?


He was standing beside me. I told him what my user name would be when they invented the internet in the future. He told me he be in Singapore via Amsterdam in 35 years time. Scary or wha.


As incredible as egg in a coddle?


Great special day , hopefully super 8 will give us an opportunity to experience something similar.
But look how many travelled the last 2 years for first game in Leinster. After all the whinging that we needed a big stadium to hold our travelling support…


The first round of the championship doesn’t exactly inspire a big turn out . But if we had to go to Castlebar or PUC for a super 8 game , people will travel !


I’d agree , if the game is important and we need the result , thousands will travel. The same people who turn out in their thousands for All Ireland semi-finals and finals will make the trek.
I’m more pointing out that we have a core support of 5k to 7k . These are the ones who will travel to Castlebar whether it’s league or Championship.


I was there!! For many years it was my favourite sporting occasion but the last few years have thrown up some serious competition. The last 10 minutes of the 2011 final now top my absolute favourite sporting moments … and it will take something remarkable to beat them …


Only game I missed that year, my Dad wouldn’t let me go.


Shite :pensive:, I’d say it was unreal !


He went down in ford Capri with 3 mates, no room. In fairness he made up for it. Got me tickets for both Hurling & Football AI’s that year.
I ended up in Kilkenny dressing room after hurling final, and met my hero Noel Skehan, who took my name & address and sent me up one of his Fryingpan Hurls.


Is that core support? Are the 20k upwards who go to spring series games core support? Or the several hundred who travel to away matches in the o Byrne cup?

Core support is really whatever one wants to call it.