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■■■■ would probably complain about it being too small then :rofl:


It’s a shame we don’t have a bigger capacity ground than Parnell Park . But is there a need for it with Croke Park ? God forbid if Cark was actually the capital of Ireland , would the GAA have been based there . Would we have an 80k capacity stadium there . AI finals been played there . Would they be leveled with the same accusations we are ? . I cant remember much been made of us having “home advantage” when we were losing . Now it’s a big factor . Moany is right . Damned if you do …


You mean core support that only go if game is in Crokepark.


That mouthpiece was on when John Horan was Leinster chair moaning about us never being out of Croker. Then we get fixed with Laois in Kilkenny and they still moan and ■■■■ all turn up. Prize w**ker.




I think we have a core support of about 5k to 7.5k who will go up and down the country. No matter who we play.
Championship support will depend on numerous factors. Can range from 20k to 50k.
Obviously an All Ireland semi final or final is totally different


The window for building our own ground from scratch is gone now the property bubble is up and running. I’d have loved spawell to have a 30k stadium in it but due to its location it would never get planning.

That leaves a greenfield site and one near a motorway, so you need that capacity, car parking for it and knowing how these things work, probably a dedicated motorway junction. To replicate something as basic as puc in Dublin is going to cost €100m, a total waste of money when Croke Park is sitting there empty from September to may. Older readers may remember that every argument is used to welcome Dublin using Croke Park for league games before we had the cheek to win all Ireland’s…


Well what our core support is I have the feeling it lower than most considering the P word


I wonder how many travelled to PUC in '83 .


Cant really go building yet another stadium just for medium sized games.


About 50 thousand at this stage. It’s a bit like the GPO in 1916.


I was there in 83 … I’m guessing bout 15 k plus … was one of those special days



RTÉ talking to GPA rep on the radio right now. 12 employees. Wage bill of €924000 in 2016. Almost a million euro. Which averages €77000 a year.


Claiming they have to pay this much to get the right people because it’s the industry standard.


Absolute scandal ! Also getting money from the GAA ( € 6.5 Million ?) per annum


Didn’t they get €6m out of HQ … well worth the money.


A year!! Ten percent of the GAA’s total revenue per annum.


I hope that’s tongue in cheek ?


Industry standard?

What “industry” is that exactly?

Since when has lining your own pockets been an industry?

Who the heck do they think they are, Cement bleedin’ Roadstone? :roll_eyes:


If you take that there are probably some staff being paid modestly enough, then the high earners must be really pulling the piss altogether