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That Murphy fella is priceless, comes out with some nonsense.


Strokes trimmed beard sagely, and nods in agreement while putting his dog into its wheelchair.


Well put sir !!


Are we not counting Kildares multiple O’Byrne Cups, consecutive power rankings and Linear All Ireland title from 2011,

Poor Ewan will be twatering like a mad yoke when he reads all this.

If Mayo dont win Sam in 2018 there will be a special motion at congress to award them the 2019 chamionship just for services rendered to the decade.


In fairness they always bring a big support to Croker championship games. Of course it got bigger after that Cork game as they became genuine challengers, and had unexpectedly beaten the reigning champions, that would be true for any county.
They were still in the doldrums post 00s, hardly going to fill the stadium for a Qtr final. Dublin didn’t even close to fill it for the Armagh qualifier in 2010, and the following for the Qtr final that year was well down on that in 2008, and 09 at the same stage.


We eventually got alot of kudos for keep coming back, but only really when we won it. Prior to that it was all about bottling, not proper footballers, damaged goods etc etc. I think the league final replay win in 93 got respect, and of course the hammering of Meath in 95, that seemed to turn a corner in terms of getting respect.


Think the point was that such a following is commensurate with going so close to winning Sam/having a genuine chance to do it. I mean look at our following in the 00s, when in truth we didn’t really have a hope of winning it.



I certainly do think the luv in with mayo from the media is a bit OTT but still u gotta admire them as a team n how they have really put it up to us time n again so if we gonna have a slag of teams it shud be the likes of Meath , Kildare , cork etc

On support … of coz it BS to single out mayo as any better than other supporters … they do have a frustration n passion to stick with the team now ( was v similar with dubs support in 90s ) n if they were to win it we may get under a rock for 6 months

On level of support every country has a core support which is hugely overblown as season / success developes … actually I reckon our core support is prob around 25 K which is v Low considering… I’m gonna say it … Population …


I guess how is core support defined.


I always remember the size of crowd, the colour and the noise Mayo brought in 85, it stood out from Cork in 83, and Tyrone in 84. I was at the Kerry-Monaghan semi-final in 85 also and Mayo’s support in the other semi-final completely dwarfed Monaghan’s. They also brought a really big crowd to see their minors in the 85 final.


I would define core support as average that show up for league / early rounds of champo


The most important resources of all, the best players and manager.


But in all honesty, what resources are they talking about? What do Dublin have that Kerry Mayo Galway Cork etc don’t have? Nobody has ever actually pointed out what specific resources we have that others don’t.


I think that’s well covered ground in fairness.




In fairness playing numbers are a resource.We have 39k registered players.I think Kerry have around 16k.Its the only Resource advantage we have that I can see.The other advantage is the population density, which makes it easier to make savings and spend money more efficiently ie less travel expenses and better ability to get most from Games promotion officers etc.



So where does Wooly propose playing one of the games then ? Moany ****


Put it in parnell ,make it all ticket ,simples.
Chances of it happening …

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