Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Not buying nuffink boss.

They are the 2nd or 3rd most successful county this decade


Mayo have probably gotton more praise from the media over the last 5 years than us .



All more successful than Mayo this decade


I’d rather have the 4 wins in those 5 years than praise from the media


Jayzus…tough crowd !

Ok then…they are more successful than Laythrum & New York.

Satisfied? :roll_eyes:


TRUE, but we have five all Irelands. So I don’t really care about the praise, its the bulshit they peddle to explain why we are successful drives me demented. They negate it at every chance.


Of course :blush:


Now when you say …


I was just thinking that… 2010 the end of or the start of? hmm…


League wins in 2010, 11 & 12 puts them up there regardless of when the decade started in 2011 …


Anything to remove Cark from the conversation :laughing:
. This was in relation to discussion about when a decade starts before , nothing to do with Corks achievements !


yeah, I know! And it went on as along as the discussion on that semi final…


Yep. That was the quote. As I said, Murphy was so matter of fact about it, what a clown! There was another nugget I almost forgot about. He was on about the special occasion that is Mayo fans meeting up in Croke Park 3 times a year. That no other county enjoys the same relationship as the Mayo crowd do with the occasion. I almost had to pull the car in I was laughing that much.

The verbatim quote was priceless if you have it


In Fairness to Andy he tried putting Murphy straight regarding Dublin resources he mentioned how Monaghan can compete but Murphy kept on script, poor Mayo, best supporters in GAA,Including himself,Dublin recourses kerry tradition,Mayo hard work blah blah blah.


you forgot… it means so much blah blah blah


Thing is , mayo get such a free pass for their failures it’s not even funny anymore . I remember awhile back , I think Bart mentioned Mayo are on the same trajectory as Dublin were early to mid nineties. Did we get the same praise back then for coming so close, losing finals til we won it . I can’t remember , maybe someone else can fill in the gaps there as I wasn’t reading papers back then .


No cause there wasn’t trash websites and social media around back then. This is where most have this carry on originated and now the more mainstream sites are towing the line as that’s what the readers want to hear. Big bad powerful dubs against the poor gallant warriors from the West. It’s laughable but there are people out there who live for this shite


What was the press like though ?


Common theme late 80’s until 1995 was Dublin lacked mental strength/character/bottle to close out tight games.


Don’t know if any Ressers recall early noughties when Arnotts were jersey sponsor.

There was an image doing the rounds on the web of a Dublin jersey.
Logo had been altered to read “We Arnott very good at winning outside Leinster”.

He who laughs last…