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Yeah and the dickhead interviewing lapping it up. Yup recession really hit Mayo hard. FFS.


“Lotto grants to Mayo surged by 70pc to €1.8m – leading to accusations that the funding scheme is open to being operated as a political slush fund.”



If Mayo land the big one , I pray to God it’s not against us because if we are around , I most certainly will be hearing about it for the next 50 years .


In fairness have you ever been there …

ps Hope @mayoman doesn’t see this …


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Like I’m used to the narrative. It doesn’t get under my skin. But the way Murphy delivered it was priceless. It was so matter of fact. Mayo - Hard work. Dublin - resources.

I actually listened to it myself last night. the exact quote was even better. “Dublin have the resources,Kerry have the tradition of good football but with Mayo it’s down to hard work”.
I’m just stunned that people on here are suggesting this might not be the case…


And spending more on their senior footballers than any other county. There was obviously just a drop in the transmission when he said that.

Edit. I also notice Andy mentioning the centre of excellence in Ballyhaunis. Considering Murphy mentioned he is from Ballyhaunis I’m surprised he left out the admission that Mayo are just as well resourced as Dublin. When people say resources and Dublin, what exactly do Dublin have that say Mayo, Kerry, Cork etc don’t for example?


This bit always puzzles me . I’ve never seen anyone talk about Kerry’s sponsorship by Kerry Group ( Corrected) .Here’s a link from last year

Has there been any disclosure over the years how much money they pump into Kerry , let alone their fundraisers in America or beyond .And you hear very little about Mayos fundraising abroad either . Who’s to know how much this brings in .
Then you have the figures bandied about how many mayo players are working in Dublin . How come Galway can manage to retain most of their players due to employment there . Can these Mayo lads not find jobs in Galway instead of traipsing up to the big smoke . And using the college point is a misnomer too . They chose to go to college in Dublin . What about the IT in Sligo or NUI Galway . It’s excuse after excuse .


Wonder how Andy figures that Donegal managed to win an All-I? Black magic? Luck? Sneaky use of no resources whatsoever which no other county is allowed to do? Probably he would say they “worked too hard”, and nobody else is allowed to do that.


Kerry Group sponsor Kerry

Kerrygold is made by a different company. Point still stands though


Ah cool , my bad !


Kerrygold is not a brand of Kerry Group n not owned by them


If he really believes what he is saying then it sums up why they have not won Sam … and won’t. Is he not embarrassed coming out with that primary school type narrative. What about Tyrone Andy - what’s your verdict there. Very bold lads that will try anything I suppose …

The victims we know so well …


In fairness Andy wasn’t blaming anything for them not winning. That was all coming from Murphy. Andy only claimed that Mayo was hit worse than anywhere else by the recession and that it’s an honour to give the people of Mayo something to look forward to or some bollocks like that.


Mea culpa - I thought the quote from @Spanner was from Andy. I will shake his hand next time I meet him - that usually makes everything alright …


Andy Pandy specifically mentioned that they had eff all support as recently as their 2011 game against Cork. He said the stadium was eerily quiet after their win & that the massive Mayo support only really became “a thing” post 2011. Something that the Murphy tool conveniently over looked, in his rush to blow smoke up all the Mayo holes listening. People of Mayo me bollocks !

They were staying home in their droves, until their recent run of success drew out all the bandwagoners. They’ll disappear again, if/when their current success dries up. Good luck getting any of the Off The Boil muppets to ever admit that though…


I actually listened to it myself last night. the exact quote was even better. “Dublin have the resources,Kerry have the tradition of good football but with Mayo it’s down to hard work”.
I’m just stunned that people on here are suggesting this might not be the case…

They would try and debase everything that Dublin achieves with resources, athleticism. Pile of fu8king shite. Mayo work no harder than any other county. Christ its endemic over there with their blog and this constant love in on national media. Its like the whole county is wearing the emperors new clothes. Except for Mayoman of course, who now shops in Micheal Guineys.




Ah c’mon…getting to the AI semi final or final for 7 straight years, would qualify as being successful, no? As would winning 4 or 5 Connaught titles on the trot, n’cest pas? Let’s try to be generous here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah your right, it is successful. But if all the dickheads in the media could leave the peoples champions pyscho babble and excuses at the door when discussing it would actually be taken for what it is that they are the second best team in the land and have been playing against one of the best teams ever.


No silverware since 2015 PD - you’re buying the narrative!!! Mind you plenty of players of the year, All Stars etc …

Another bit of spice ahead of their game is that Galway are one behind Mayo in the Connacht roll of honour!