Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Spot on


:joy: , Could you describe the features of one of these .


I fear I wouldn’t do it justice.

Usually involves the county jersey of your choice, skinny jeans, Adidas Samba, and below average facial hair. Sunglasses too. Can’t forget them. When it’s raining. Outside Gills.


Very true. But the things we have to do for the love of our County Savio. You deserve a medal for that sacrifice! I hope they paid for yer gargle.



Haha they did. Unfortunately for me they only serve Beamish in L’Olympia. Drinking that stuff should be a jailable offence in itself! Sneaky hip flask got me through it :slight_smile:


I think I’ve come across a couple of these lads in Mulligan’s after matches. They don’t drink Guinness - it’s pints of Sierra Nevada.


Beautiful. There was a review of Alison Spittles “Guide to be a culthie” show or whatever its called, and she was outside Croker last all ireland days doing vox pops on “what makes a real cultchie” sort of thing. One of the replies from a Mayo fan was that Mayo was real Ireland and Dublin wasnt real Ireland. A very handy one liner which sums up a great many things in the GAA and GAA media.




Hilarious. He says all this with a straight face knowing full well Mayo have outspent Dublin in their pursuit for Sam the last two years. But sure look. Whatever helps them sleep at night.


Exactly, fake fucking news form Off The Ball. But the most important line was from Andy himself when he mentions that the logistics of the players living in Dublin doesnt really effect them in the Championship, really only the league. I thought that was interesting. Jokeshop line of the night was form Murphy himself declaring I don’t want to be accused of this been a Mayo love in (ya could hear the wood hitting over the airwaves). I laughed at that. And Mayo been centre of the universe and how important culturally they are to the Sol System and outer rim territories. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Just listening to it myself now . What a load of self serving rubbish . That Nathan Murphy is some weapon . The point about the pride in the mayo jersey is not reflected in the same way in how fans in the rest of the country follow their counties . Is this guy for real . And mayo suffering more than any other part of the country from the recession . It must be hard work feeling as sorry for themselves as much as they do . Yeah , mayo had it the worst . Seems to be a running narrative for the last couple of years .
Now , I don’t mind Andy . I actually think he’s a nice guy . I’ve mentioned before he lives in the same village as my sister so ive seen him out & about & he is treated like royalty . But playing this poor mouth , woe be me is running a bit thin at the moment.


Leave your outer rim out of this! Is that clown Murphy not from Galway?


its one of the wonderful hypocracies of the GAA that when people moan about “Full time players” they purposefully forget the amount of teachers and students on IC teams who literally are full time GAA players from May till September each year.


that’s the Second Captains Murphy.


Haha! The outer rim is looking like the hills of Donegal after last nights feed of beer!


Cool … I feel like I’m really missing out not knowing who these guys are …


Don’t worry we’ll keep posting stuff to keep ya up to date.


Absolutely hilarious carry out of the pair of them. It was Moran himself that said people in Mayo suffered more than anyone else in the country. Yeah course they did mate. They really do love playing the victim. Ridiculous behaviour


I find it hilarious listening to Murphy et al. Their attempts to disseminate and intellectualise every part of the game for the hipster masses is too funny to miss. As my Da used to say, they may as well be throwing stones at the moon.

It’s a prime example of the ineptitude of modern sports media. You can see these clowns are heavily influenced by US sports shows and Sky sports production. And the over saturation of online media means these guys have to try stay one step ahead of the game. Unfortunately the Dubs are fodder in this. As long as they keep spinning their inaccuracies, it will keep the other 31 counties happy, and keep them lads in jobs.