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Succ*ntly said


Post of the year! You should be granted the freedom of many pints, for that tremendous comment! What do we want? No mamils! When? Yesterday if possible!


Rumour has it Peter Crouch may be about to sign …






Diamond geezer.


Mayo love in on off the ball at the moment if anyone interested.


Offtheball are embarassingly biased when it comes to Mayo footballers they have 2 Mayo fans on there team who admit to being “pro Mayo” on the show and dont see an issue with this.Kilbane wore his Mayo jersey after they drew with Donegal.They have a disproportionate number of interviews with Mayo players and managment. Its inappropriate for a national station.


Do you have an off button?

Can’t understand anyone who listens to this stuff (in the first place) and then complains when the track record and agenda of this crap is so obvious.

You will never hear me criticise Brady or Horan or the likes because as soon as I hear their voices they’re gone.


Thats a good way to deal with ignorance is bliss I suppose .But Just because you are not listening doesnt mean that there is a massive bias on a national radio channel. I just think its cringeworthy, the day they start treating Dublin with the repect they deserve will be the day this team are finished.


But bring a ‘national’ channel doesn’t bestow any morality on them - they are not a public service broadcaster. Sport aside, do I need to subject myself to the ‘opinions’ and ramblings of Jonathan Healy, Ciara Kelly, Yates, Hook, Paul Williams??? Do I fcuk. Puerile trash.


You are right they are a private entity and I think they purposely target a certain demographic for listeners.Interesting that there are very few if any Dublin hosts accross the platform not that it should make any odds.


Its simply click bait on the airwaves @Dubdabs


Just keep thinking ‘Denis O Brien. Denis O Brien’ and you’ll effortlessly manage to not switch that channel on in the first place! They make no attempt to be unbiased. Same as the Indo rag. Awful rubbish.


Incredibly rude and derogatory post, it’s Dr Ciara Kelly as we all know !


Listened to a bit of it on the drive home from work. I like listening to Andy, he seems a genuine shkin, as they say over Wesht.

Murphy was asking him about the rise of Connacht football. Basically credits Mayo with inspiring Gallaimh and the Rossies to their revival. That by sheer hard work, Mayo raised the bar to such a level that the others had no choice but to raise theirs. Then quickly says the same thing can’t happen in Leinster due to our resources!

Like I’m used to the narrative. It doesn’t get under my skin. But the way Murphy delivered it was priceless. It was so matter of fact. Mayo - Hard work. Dublin - resources.

Now I finally know why they are the people’s champions !


And they suffered the most in the recession, the most. I had to listen to it as I was getting a lift home of one the lads, don’t mind Andy, but I can’t stand of the ball, Nathan Murphy is hard to listen to.


Im gonna keep listening to it. Can’t wait to hear what they credit Mayo for next. The moon landing perhaps? Maybe brokering peace in the Balkans? The capture of Bin Laden?


Probably more off saving football from Dublin. Like matching Leitrim against Russia in a war. Murphy tries to hard with the psycho babble to justify why mayo lose.


Murphy is a bell end. Had the displeasure of being forced, through work, to going to the roadshow prior to the AI Final last year. Murphy prancing around the Olimpia in a Mayo jersey at least 2 sizes too small. Full Ned Kelly on display. It was embarrassing. I was on the upper tier, gargled. Had to anaesthetise myself from the bolloxology going on around me. Id probably be doing time had I been lower down. If there’s anything worse than a hipster, it’s a Gaa hipster.