Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


A hipster wannabe, stick to the outrage at… stuff Conor


He is actually the best and fairest on the show.


The system around signing up and accessing SCs pods aint user friendly.


No issue with flags etc and indeed the council should do it as a matter of course but that banner on that bridge just doesn’t work.


That is priceless - one balloon is on about an FOI to the council. Ha!


The sort of radio shows that people give out about now, to my mind it goes back to the likes of Hecthor, and before him Gerry Ryan. Vacuous shite, the louder the better, sure we’re all mad Irish hardy bucks wha!! We made that stuff popular, it’s what alot of people want.



Good man Robbie … but you might want to switch it for holy water … down 2-08 to 0-01 at half time!!



Up the Dubs banners may have to come down, says city council (via @IrishTimes)


Eamonn Ryan sticking his beak in of course


If the Greens who sold themselves to FF for a handful of magic beans think this is a bad Idea, them I’m all for it.





“We’ll blood a few of them in the league final against Kerry and then should be fully fit for the start of the All Ireland, we won’t rush them as they’re only about 12 hours old at this stage,” Gavin added.


Is Martin alright :open_mouth:


Yep. Eamoan Ryan, ■■■■ off ya twat.


If I click on that and read it is three minutes of my life I won’t get back. At the best of times that is not something I am willing to do but now that we are on the verge of obliteration I certainly won’t.


And this comes from the same group of people who think letting Starbucks, Spar and euro shops invade very corner isn’t tacky?


“Hey man, cycling is a human right.”

No it’s not you c*nt.