Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Bit disingenuous too in that it calls out Stevo as a refusal but above it says Stevo has yet to reply, you can’t refuse if you don’t reply surely.


He won’t get it now anyway …


I seriously doubt if this person had Stevo’s home address & the request was sent there. It was probably sent to him care of the county board, who may not have forwarded it on to him. As they are perfectly entitled not to do. The players are probably bombarded with requests for all kind of things. They can’t satisfy all of them ffs.


Why can’t he show up at a Parnells match and ask Cluxton for an autograph?

There’s 12 year olds who have managed to get autographs off him and this fella can’t figure it out :thinking:


Exactly. Or he might have received it and simply forgotten. I forget stuff all the time. I’m sure Stephen is a busy man. Imagine cribbing about this ffs. Snowflake.


It’s selfies these days grandad :grinning:


I asked Cluxton for his signature once and he flatly refused me.

Mind you it was HIS chequebook …


I see Micko managed to insult Dublin and indeed Mayo…ironic considering this particular Mayo team is miles ahead of the one Kerry trounced in 2 All Ireland finals in the 00’s.

This Dublin team are one of the greatest ever sides and could become the greatest. Bad luck for us.

I’d nearly laugh if Ye won 5 in a row just to see the self combustion reaction in kerry…obviously I hope we can nick one but all the signs so far point to Dublin winning at least 4 in a row.


Nothing between us over the last few years really.


Dublin’s wins are sticking a craw in him alright . He doesn’t want his legacy diminished at all .



Full time hurler Lee Chin looking well there .



The entire county of Kerry would implode. They’d have a look on their faces like they just discovered the local parish priest in bed with their Grandma AND Grandad.


Would be enough to keep the country heated for a good few years :+1:


Absolutely love this!!! Great initiative … fair play to Daithi Leather! If you design a Dublin one you could become a millionaire! I could be your agent! :smile:

Cuala Abu!


Daithi Leather??


Am I reading this wrong or is Der Bomber delusional ?


Because he is Russian.

I reckon he had paid a bribe and saw that it wasn’t going to materialise and he was losing the rag.


Ah ive read worse.