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I’d still back still the big Mayo man who ran on the field in Limerick to take him down ;)…gun or no gun


What a freakin nutter. how is he allowed carry a gun in greece?


Hope there’s no west ham fans on here getting ideas




Given how Sullivan made his money I’m sure he’s well used to dealing with a**eholes …




Ah, his arse isn’t THAT big. :wink:


He is not talking about AIdo as he pointed out the the big Mayo man who ran on the field big Aido and ran on the field don’t really gel together now… do they?



Silly me !

:grin: :grin: :grin:


Thats Ok - but don’t tell Revelino over on the Mayoblog as you’ll break his little heart. According to him over his pint of milk in some pub in Mayo, Big Aido is a wrecking ball of unbelievable skill


Of course he is.

  1. It’s March.

  2. They weren’t playing us.

  3. They were playing a county that does sweet eff all in the champo.

Quid pro quo Clarice. :roll_eyes:


The RTÉ radio coverage of it was amazing. Bernard Flynn was so happy he must have farted. I think he asked aido for his autograph at the end.


True, or Leinster or OBC.




Gunfight at the PAOK Corral


Came across article on a thread on gaaboards

some idiot calling out Cluxton for next sending him a autograph


Jesus what a crybaby.


Can’t even get Gavin’s surname correct.


Cry me a Jaysus river ffs.


Also refers Galway 98 captain as Liam Silke who is a nephew of the correct captain Ray Silke


He’s waiting to give him the autograph after the 5 in a row , just make it that more special .