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I don’t think that would scare any other team and can’t see Gavin getting involved in those kind of mind games. It won’t just be recovering from the actual injury, it will be avoiding the little niggles and setbacks that go hand in hand with an injury like this. Unfortunately I can’t see it happening myself


Competition will be all but over. No real point in rushing if he wants one more year next year.


I’d say he’s just giving himself a target to aim for, no harm so long as he does it correctly.


Who cares if it’s fantasy land, Bernard is one of our greatest ever, it inspires me to read this sort of thing.


Part of the furniture at this stage . Hard to imagine not been around .


Whatever about ROC going, and even Al B, somehow Bernard is central to all of our best years. I think his absence will be a huge loss to the squad. Best inside forward we’ve had as long as I can remember. And a talisman.


As much as Stephen gets the plaudits , you need a good forward to win games as Mayo know only too well . He was as instrumental as anyone in winning a few of those finals & getting us there too .


Rewatched Mayo 2015, Kerry 2013 SFs recently, he was literally on fire (!) in those games, and a major reason we came out on top…


Jeeze - I hope they get one of them to change their jerseys!!!


He’s Unbelievable



What a headline :laughing:


Spillane and Co every night until we do 5 in a row or we don’t:


Fitzmaurice slowly building up a bench with giving the young guys experience , all part of the master plan :wink:


Master plan is to peddle this “Dublin can’t be stopped this year so write that off straight away” stuff. Talking about next year all the time. Poor aul Kerry with their team of helpless young kids.

One word, 1975.

Ok that’s three words.


You’d miss Bart for the Kerry minor cheerleading all the same .


ah, clicked.

saw “billy keane”

didnt bother reading any further.


Devenny on OTB having a pop off Tyrone tactics & saying they should play like Donegal this season .
Short memory that lad…


It’s actually unreadable.