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Anyone remotely surprised?

Mo farah must be sweating it?


And this is coming from a British Parliamentary committee report. It’s not like the Russian Crazy Bears, or whatever they are called.


Isn’t it amazing how so many world class athletes have such terrible asthma.


A few of our Olympic show jumping horses had it too I think! :grinning:


I think it was yourself predicted last year that it was only a matter of time before Mo Farah was called out on this too.


In fairness that wasn’t a tough call.


Tomorrow Dublin will have Media launch with players and Mgmt of “official hydration partner”…:roll_eyes:

After professionalisation of Feile, to u13 development squads…have we reached rock bottom yet?


No. We haven’t. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Brolly is absolutely right. Our principles are being sold to the highest bidder.


Yeah, it’s not like them normally, but credit where it’s due for calling out their own. In these days of jingoistic populism I reckon international sport is going to go back to the days of Cold War style competition, i.e. everyone knows their cheating, but look at the medals table.


Kerry should have played him in goal. He played there at minor and u21 level. Was a passenger when in the forwards. Was decent when at midfield but didnt have engine to play there for 70 minutes


the show needs money to stay on the road. thought we already had an official hydration partner?

AFAIK DCB’s total income/expendature is a couple hundred thousand more than Tipperary. So, are we obtaining maximum drawdown on our commerical potential?

A lot of this is expectation driven. The reason why Dublin, Mayo, Kerry and Tipp constantly top the spending/income tables is they are expected to be in finals - U21, Minor, Senior and in two codes (Dublin and Tipperary anyway). So with that expectation the funding is demanded (perhaps subconsiously) and found.

The demand/funding/expendature graph is lower in other couties.


I was surprised at how close the income of the top counties is .The way it is portrayed in the Media you would think the Dublin county board income was 3 or four times other counties.From what ive seen its maybe 20-30% more than Mayo.


We’ve had a “hydration partner” (stupid bloody term) for years. There’s been billboards for them - with Dermo & Kev Mc - on Clonliffe Rd & the Jones Rd railway bridge for ages. Why all the fuss now?


What we really need badly is a rehydration partner. It’s all very well being hydrated but after training and matches we need to get rehydrated … who’s gonna supply that huh? Then the odd time the lads get to go on the piss (on hols and every April, July and September) we will need a dehydration partner …


Are you taking the piss?




Would love to see that coming to pass but it really seems to be on the optomistic side, to put it the way Jamie Redknapp might say it.


No way is he back in August from a cruciate. Would gladly be wrong but can’t see it


As Jamie might say, he was literally on fire last season…


thats just to scare the other super eights. i wouldnt be shocked to see him on the bench for the mind games.