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Great to see two Dublin legends together!

Does 0-60 in 7 seconds. The Auris does it in 12.

Hope Jack’s driveway is big enough for all the cars … :wink:


Your too much :joy:


This looks like a great idea …


Thanks for highlighting this, @Dub09.


Nice touch :+1:


Nice touch alright. However could you see them doing it for any other Dublin club particularly a northside club??


What ever happened about Cuala buying land off that rugby club?


Ah jaysus Hiller … you must have a large single on that shoulder!

@Tayto was the proposal to buy together and share? Either way the whole thing fell through


it was something like that yea, the rugby club heavily in debt.


Anglo probably cleared it … :wink:


The head of PR for Leinster rugby ( Marcus o buachalla ) is also a True Gael and does TG4 commentary from time to time -


No chips involved here boss! Just wondering about the good wishes and club involved. Can’t recall them doing it for Vincent’s or any other Dublin Gaa club Before.

Not a big deal one way or another.


Fell through at the 11th hour, the deal would have had Cuala bassically owning the pitches and Blackrock retaining the facilities, at the end of the day I don’t think they could stomach a GAA club bailing them out, and then as if by magic the following week Cabinteely FC announced it would be their home ground for League of Ireland fixtures.


Interesting stuff. I wonder did they get cold feet (in their Dubes) when they heard about GAA folk crowing over land-grabs etc? What do you think was the significance of the Cabinteely FC deal?


Essentially I’d say they are fully aware that Cabinteely are doomed to failure as a LOI outfit. The offer to join the league was touted around to all big amateur clubs in regions where there are no LOI clubs, Castlebar, Tralee, Kilkenny etc. All declined the offer as they know full well they’ll be bust in no time.


There’s no real signifigance other than it opened up another revenue source for them, which was probably enough to keep the banks off their backs.


There is a lesson to be learnt here, in my opinion - but probably won’t be.
A lot of people view that the GAA will, in time, become semi-professional. Ireland and Irish people, by and large, have no real history of supporting professional sport where it counts - at the turnstiles. Most FAI professional/semi-professional clubs have nearly gone to the wall at some point or another. The only sustained professional sports teams in Ireland are the Pro 12 rugby teams - pretty easy when there is only four of them (or 3, if the IRFU had had its way a few years ago). These teams have only existed in a professional sense for a relatively short period of time and rely a lot on income from the National Governing body. There is still plenty of time for it to go arseways.
I will fear the worst if and when the elite players in the GAA go semi-professional/professional.


They already are semi professional. A lot of them are receiving compensation above and beyond their expenses in some form or other.
The administration of the last ten years let it happen and the current clowns at the wheel are doing nothing to curb it.


Will never go professional anyway . People will just stop playing at elite level eventually because the commitment just is far too much


Again that’s something that’s already happening. Players leaving county panels all over the country on a weekly basis.