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Fenton is away on business and got stranded, hence his skiing. Not really relevant to this debate!


I think is relevant, it disputes the point the players are restricted.
How many cuala players are expected back into the hurling panel ?. Not relevant either I suppose.


He’s skiing because his Dublin game didn’t happen this weekend. Please stop. We know exactly where he would be this weekend bar the weather. And it’s not playing for Raheny. That’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard.

The fact is Fenton might play four or five games for Raheny this year. The fact is that ALL U16 and minor championships will take place in the autumn now because of minor. The fact is that if an inter county manager doesn’t want you to play for your club then you won’t. And if you do you will be disciplined.

In weaker counties players are already voting with their feet and going back to their clubs where they’ll get regular competitive games. And the gap will only get wider.

Any comment on the rest of my post?


And I’m glad you mentioned Cuala. Because that’s the ONLY time club comes first. When you’re in the latter stages of the club championships. And at no other time.


The rest of your post helps put some perspective on why you hold such a strong opinion on the issue. I haven’t been involved in such conflict and the majority of evidence put forward has been anecdotal.
I haven’t heard enough so far, to justify the comments made against Jim gavin and while I can accept possibly Dublin inter county players are not playing enough for their clubs but to lay this at gavins feet and absolve everyone else whether that be players, club managers or scheduling etc, is wrong. You haven’t convinced me and until good evidence is presented I will remain unconvinced.


Sorry but you seem completely removed from the Club scene. To suggest that county players aren’t dictated to as to what club training or matches they can attend is either highly deluded or highly ignorant.


Slow down on this…CCC2 were not innocent either

I remember when the chairman of CCC2 insisted that the two semi finals of an underage championship go ahead the day after the county development squad played in an all day tournament. The games were finally refixed after all 4 clubs indicated that they would decline to release their players to the squad. The BIG problem is that the CCC and CCC2 do not stand up to the County Managers.


Unlike yourself it seems I’m a realist. The senior inter county players are adults who can not only assert themselves on the pitch are quite capable of doing it off the pitch too. We all make choices, if we don’t like the message we can choose to ignore it. I’m leaving it at that .


I’m going to presume that wasn’t me. At least I hope it wasn’t. And the clubs would be right in that instance. My view was I was there to represent clubs and defend their interests. Which is why I really hope that wasn’t me. Memory not so good! But i do know that I would always have argued for the club. Which is why I don’t think I made that decision! And I had more than a few arguments with development squad managers over the years. To the point where I felt the two worked well together. But my last year was 2012. Not sure what would have happened since then.


Napper, with all due respects, you should have stopped digging well before now. You are clearly totally unaware of how things are in the GAA. You never answered when Alan asked you why you thought the Club Players’ Association was set up. The whole system is skewed, including county boards and most certainly including Jim Gavin. That is not an insult to him but it is a fact. Do your homework before trying to answer this post.


It is a fact that Jim Gavin has disciplined players for playing for their clubs without permission. I’m not going to start naming names on a public forum. But it is a fact. Whether you believe it or not is entirely irrelevant.


The issue is not choices. The issue is that there are rules preventing county managers from dictating when a county player can play for his club. A part of the rule favours the county manager. The rest is designed to allow players play as much as possible for their clubs. It is a rule that is almost NEVER enforced. In any county and at any level


I dont think the thread should decend into a witch hunt against Jim Gavin.
Eamon Fitzmauarice , Mickey Harte, Kevin Walsh or Stephen Rochford are no different.
These Managers are appointed to win Sam or the very least get to a final… Such is the demands on winning and the collective training needed for these counties to constantly compete that its inevitable the club’s are going to suffer.
Intercounty Players now playing for the top teams are kept in an intercounty bubble . The irony is Club’s are being punished for producing top players. This doesn’t happen in too many other sports.
While we love the Gaa as an Amateur organisation and pride ourselves on the bond club and county have. The divide is getting greater and with the demand on training in all sports not just GAA getting greater . A player is going to find it harder to represent his club and county with equal commitment whether they are given permission or not . The Sky deal is an example .
The Gaa currently has a great product to sell.
Their showhouse looks lovely and shiny, but it’s the foundations that have made this house .

The GAA has to be very careful or future houses will become very shaky.


I made the point that all inter county managers do it. Obviously I’d know more about what goes on in Dublin.

You’re right about the house foundations.


Luke is no fool


Minor Championships have been played in the latter part of the year for several years for three reasons, inter-county, exams and holidays. The exams, the Leaving in particular, mean that players (and their parents) don’t want games from mid May until the end of June. Several Clubs kick up murder about playing club matches in July because many of their players (dare I say it mostly those from the more affluent parts of Dublin) still go away on family holidays and won’t be available to play. Inter-county is the least of the three problems, the scheduling of Leinster Championship matches - not the managers - is the difficulty here where Dublin have two teams competing. If both teams are going well it is impossible to have a situation where all the (dual club) players are available to their Clubs because of the alternate week structure of inter county games.


I thought he was thrown off the panel. I seem to remember a few on here insinuating that :wink:


I can think of a few reasons why it wasn’t enjoyable Bryan :sunglasses:


Sorry, Sheehan has been off the pace for years. He clung on because Kerry didn’t have anyone to replace him. Without a team of great players around him he was exposed as the decent player he is/was, who was in for his place-kicking as much as anything, and who often didn’t look entirely as fit as he might be.


The net is closing in on Team Sky, Wiggins, Froome, etc… only a matter of time, I’d say, before clear and conclusive evidence emerges of systematic drug abuse.