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One game. And about the only league game he’ll play all year bar maybe one or two at the end. And that’s just waffle. He picked Connolly because he’s Connolly. Club will have nothing to do with that.

Gavin has disciplined players for playing with their clubs even though under rule he was not entitled to tell them not to play.


Who did he discipline?


What your saying is not only has gavin no integrity, either has anyone with the Dublin squad or the county board, because this is going on and no one involved on the county side whether it be player, management or official has called it out during Jim gavins time as manager. I’m not buying your theory, because human nature being what it is, at a minimum the conspiracy would leak.


You don’t honestly believe that do you? If Connolly hadn’t of performed well in a club league game he wouldn’t get a run with Dublin?
We’re talking about Dublin’s most skillful ever player here not some 19 year old trying to break into the squad.
Gavin pays lip service to the club but his actions are totally disrespectful to the club scene.


That’s not what I said, I said it was a factor. People very quick dismiss what gavin has said and done with no evidence or circumstantial if any.


And I’m saying it absolutely wasn’t a factor. If Connolly didn’t play that club league game he still would be playing for Dublin.


It’s not called out anywhere. In any county. It’s the most serious issue the GAA has in case you missed it.

There have been situations in the past where lads who missed games due to injury were not injured. 15 and 16 year olds are already being leaned not to play for their clubs despite the fact that their competition doesn’t begin till May. Challenge games being arranged to ensure that they can’t despite the fact that players should, under rule, be free to play with their clubs.

The county manager runs the show. Make no mistake about that.


What’s with asserting facts that I haven’t questioned. Gavin said connolly played well for his club and he picks players that are showing well or along those lines. I never said if he hadn’t played club game he wouldn’t play for Dublin. He may not of played the last game possibly but i or you don’t know that as a fact. Your making an assumption, I’m quoting what was said by gavin. Before you go about robbing people of their integrity, reflect on your own. I will take gavins words over your assumptions, until you can convince me otherwise.


It’s the most serious issue according to who?
Maybe it’s not called out anywhere because it’s not an issue for most. Rather than giving me sweeping statements of a countrywide problem, highlight where your club is affected at senior level where players are being effectively bullied to make a choice between county and club. Give me the facts so I can possibly appreciate your point.


I’m sorry. Are you actually serious? You think county players are free to play with their clubs if they wish? Have you heard of the Club Players Association? Why do you think it was set up?

Vincents, no more than any other club with county players, got their players for the first game of the year. They might, MIGHT, get them for two championship games in April. That’s if those games are allowed to go ahead. And they won’t see them again until September, Same for a lot of other clubs and counties, hurling and football. That’s a fact.

I’m not getting into what would be a pointless argument.


Why are players not speaking out ?


A rhetorical question?


Well I don’t see it as an issue that’s why I’m asking someone that sees it at a serious issue. Not only that, I don’t see the evidence that this is county manager led.


Well it is. And it starts right down at development squad level.


Are there any county squad members of either code involved with your own club? If so, how often do they play?


Well I know as a fact from personal experience that it’s not what is happening on the ground at development squad level across the board. Having a family member on a development squad this is not an issue nor has it been. Now at other levels I can’t possibly say, but where is the evidence. Your making constant statements and no facts rubbishing people like gavin and accusing him of talking waffle, I despair.


No their isn’t, but I make the point if this is so wide spread where’s the evidence other than anecdotal.


The evidence is obviously with the lack of times these players are permitted to play with their clubs. I have seen it first hand and in both codes - and at various levels.

I can understand why managers want to do this. Do I accept that it should happen? No.


It’s not every mentor.

But the most recent one was a 15 year old who wouldn’t run a school race because he had development squad training that night. And that’s just a couple of weeks ago.

I had plenty of rows when on CCC2 over the attitude of development squad mentors. A well known current Dublin player in his first year as a minor (he was U16) was forced to play half of a minor challenge game on the morning of his club’s U16 championship semi final in the other code despite the mentor claiming that he wouldn’t do so.

The mentor was from the same club.

Had another row with U16 mentors who told players not to play crucial league game 5 days before the Arrabawn.

A more recent Dublin minor set up displayed more than a little contempt for the other teams lads were playing on, be they club or school. We were in a Leinster final yet had great difficulty accessing players whose tournament didn’t start for another two months.

Many years ago a Dublin school in a Leinster final asked for their players to be rested from minor training the night before. Instead the team were flogged around a pitch for and hour and a half in a session that only ended at 10.45 p.m. They lost by a point the next day. That particular incident very nearly resulted in the disbanding of the Dublin Colleges team due to the disrespect shown by a county manager.

I’ve plenty more but quite frankly it’s just annoying me typing them out.

And I’m not having a go at the people in Parnell Park. They do their best. But they can’t be everywhere all the time watching what all mentors are doing.

And how do you think Raheny feel? They have bred and built the current best player in the country and will hardly ever get the benefit of it. Vincents can manage. The Rahenys and Castleknocks and Whitehalls and Peregrines of this world need their players as much as possible. But it’s all set up to make sure they get the players as little as possible. You think that’s not an issue in these clubs? Have you not seen the articles in the paper?

The problem is the top in Croke Park don’t give a damn


I’m glad you referenced Fenton. Fenton is skiing in France 3 days before a league game against Kerry, and gavin won’t allow him to play for his club is what your saying, honestly, what your saying may have it’s merits it’s too simplistic to say the mentor or county manager is restricting them and that’s why they are not making a club appearance. If it was happening at junior levels you could understand players complying but senior inter county players, no.