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Hey, what’s the chances :joy::joy::joy:very good.



So many famous people have passed on the last few years I’ve made that sort of mistake myself a couple of times!


Supermodel stockpiles a week’s supply of food as Beast of East approaches …


Good one old mother hubbard


I wonder if Colm O’Rourke or You-ann McK think that Norway should be split in two for the purposes of the Winter Olympics?


No Mck would say it’s organic and they where not financially doped


But but the chinese have such a yuuuge population and loads a money, how is it fair that they can compete against small countries like norway who have tiny budgets …


Pointing to 21 success is never clear cut !


Clare struggling with discipline !


Insanity? Yes it was a stupid thing to do. Has to be Zero tolerance on messing with officials.


Having read the story, I got the impression the manager has an unhealthy attitude towards the rules, which bodes badly for the players.


I got that from the headline :yum:

Saying it’s a disgrace that someone got 3 months for squirting water at a match official? Um, no, it’s not. Your player needs to cop on.


All mangers have an unhealthy attitude towards rules they don’t like. Look at their attitude to the rules regarding availability of players to clubs.


I hope you appreciate Jim gavin is an exception to that statement, you have made.


No one likes a little squirt …


No manager is an exception to that statement.


Well Jim gavin in his most recent interview following our last league game, referenced the fact that Diarmo performing well for his club in league the previous week was a factor in his selection. I think your wrong in relation to gavin and I believe he is a man of integrity and fundamentally a clubman.


The clubs let them away with it unfortunately.


That is correct.