Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Game on is far superior to Off The Ball imo


I like that podcast but OTB is less incendiary . It’s light hearted compared to all the rest which is a welcome change . When I’m finished listening to it I don’t think what a shower of fucks , which usually accompanies any other podcast out there .


Expected much more from DAB radio than it delivered pick up BBC radio on fm. Find even Irish stations on dab very poor not the clear crisp service that was promised.


Really , thought it would be good over WiFi


Yes digital streaming over wifi is very good no bother. A stand alone dab radio receiver is different. You can purchase a dab stereo for your car or home and it will pick up the digital radio channels with an aerial. Unfortunately the service in Ireland is poor and has little or no interest from commercial channels.


Second captains world service is worth the fiver a week. Don’t forget they get a summer Sunday am gig on RTÉ as well as their Irish times work (and the live shows) so I’d say they are doing well. The prat on leaving the boilers cited the lousy wages and it seems as though they are being asset sweated in classic newstalk manner.

Don’t know about 5live but talksport is moronic, although the late bar show can be very funny.


Which prat is this ??


The port laoise one


Good jaysus


yeah seen that around , brutal


Well, I hope such publications don’t compromise any future criminal trial. Certain media outlets seem all-to-keen to get details out there purely out of titillation.


Horrific. God love that family. Hard to look at the photos of her and to think thats what happened. RIP Joanne.


Brilliant editing to put that ad on the bottom of the page. Good Jaysus what were they thinking.


Editor was thinking he was been clever and this would get public attention and be thrown around every whatsapp group possible as a clever segway and all publicity is good publicity in their eyes


Ah, I’d say it is a mistake. The Ad was probably pre-planned for that page. I don’t think anyone would do something like that just for publicity. The chances of it misfiring, as it has done here, are nearly certain,


It usually automated pagination software that puts papers together, still an editor proofing the PDF’s should of picked up on it.


Yep, should have been picked up definitely. But it is a mistake rather then deliberate I would think.


That story on Newstalk was mischievous at best…and damaging at worst.

But it reflected badly on Roisin Jordan as chairperson of Tyrone…and I’m sure the players were wondering who among them had written the ‘letter’.

It basically claimed they were treated badly, had to chase up expenses, pay for training gear etc.

Sean C said they’d a team mtg with RJ immediately afterwards and no one knew where it came from. No wonder why.



Kerry team to play Galway along with their 13 subs.