Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Hats off to Monaghan :+1:, while other counties spend there time lambasting us etc they’re getting on with it, in both codes, big drive up there on Hurling at club level, spoke to mate of mine last year and they’ve seen 20% increase in club juvenile Hurling alone…


Hope this goes all the way to a hearing,


It is disgraceful the way Newstalk and the likes of Joe Duffy and others can read out uncorroborated emails or texts on the air and leave the content there as fact without any validation or checking etc. Sean Gallagher was also a victim of this. Newstalk are especially bad often reading out the most spurious stuff surely knowing it to be without any basis. A few more cases like this might stop this kind of thing.


I remember listening to the show live at the time and felt the presenters were getting some personal enjoyment from this story. I would question if the anonymous email was in reference to the people’s champions would it have been aired, very much doubt it.


I believe news talk aren’t concerned about their listenership in Dublin considering their anti Dublin theme . I wonder how much their figures have dropped in Dublin alone over the last few years .


Scandal FM, tabloid radio of the worst kind. The presenters and most of their contributors have an overwhelming desire for instant gratification and to know the intimate details of everything and anything that happens in the country. It would be more informative to read the Beano


Their scheduling really is a big factor, a lot of people on the road at that time availing of sport updates and nothing else to compete with them. I personally scan some of the regional stations or across the water, talk sport or radio5 pending where I am. If the English sports radio was more available here the ball throll would really struggle.


Dab radio !


If only the second captains could be picked up by another station. Give of the ball bag a something to think about.


Irish Independent… Newstalk… Belfast Telegraph… who is the common denominator?


Dont know about that, who wants to hear about the aviva premiership and english national team all the time. Fair enough their premiership soccer coverage wouldn’t make a difference but you want local sports news and the GAA would be a glaring hole in Uk sports coverage, probably filled by cricket and rugby league.


I’d say they are happy enough with their subscription setup now . It gives them complete control I’d say over their content . And they can work to their own schedule . Not sure what their other pods are like but I may subscribe in the future .


it can’t be making a whole pile of money can it?


Well they all have side jobs afaik . Nice little earner on the side.Just saw this from an article last year , it’s mostly behind a paywall
"Second Captains has established a €350,000-a-year business through its World Service".

6000 subs at €5 month !


I hope " Murph" is only getting a small portion of that. Contributes little or nothing.


He’s there to be a foil to Eoin , all he does is try to take the piss out of him.


i’m sure there’s overheads and then split x number of ways. like you say if it’s a sideline then it’s not a bad earner - what would they have been earning on newstalk i wonder.


But like how much does it cost to make a podcast . I’m sure they pay the people who contribute like McConville , etc comes into the studio.
Wouldn’t really know a whole lot how that is monitsed .

It was a bold move to leave news talk with nothing to go to . It obviously wasn’t enough to keep them there if they were willing to walk away after they tried to change their time slot .


Depends i supposed on sound engineer - editing, equipment, etc etc i have no idea but it can probably be done in house or on a small enough budget compared to a radio station… i doubt they were on megabucks inside in newstalk anyways. Good luck to them anyway, prefered them to the current lot, although yerman molloy isn’t the worst i do get the impression in newstalk as a whole that they’re encouraged to be controversial to some degree.


Thank god Sean Gallagher was skewered by that bogus tweet.