Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Victim blaming, like cooper deserved to be stabbed.

Mayo people are a classy lot.


F off that’s a ridiculous statement


I think you’re off the mark with @mayoman me oul pal hopper. None of that malarkey with him!


@mayoman is a gentleman and a scholar !


Mayo man is grand not fair to blame him on the daft ones in his county. Everyone has that type.


That Yewtree guy is a bit of a spacer though


This is one hell of a story


That’s the thing about Mayo Supporters on-line. Some of them give the other 1% a bad name.

'Tis Friday, I speak in jest gents…



Which bit boils his blood? the bit about Carlow being crap?


Yeah - See comments under … mind you O’Rourke is a bit of a header


Thought the comments better than the tweet, hey hey watch out carla about :joy::joy::joy:

Brendan Murphy
You missed my point completely, Not against any two tier system, my issue is that he just named Carlow as a weaker county, there are a lot of “weaker” counties, I doubt Meath will break into it either, complete lack of class!.

The Shergar
Replying to @BrendanMurphy17
It’s hardly a million miles from the truth…

Michael Holland
Hey Shergar if you weren’t missing the last 35 years I’d day where the hell have you been?? You obviously haven’t seen the progress made by Carlow in the past few seasons and I’m not even a Carlow man.

The Shergar
Sorry I never noticed Carlow, didn’t realize they were doing so well in Leinster & All Ireland lately. Dublin & Mayo must be terrified


The class response expected


In fairness, it’s the perfect resonse.


We all believe in Jim Gavin and his miraculous touch, but …


Meanwhile later on that day in an ordinary family home in Dunmore…

“Mammy, that dinner wasn’t up to much but it doesn’t really matter because it’s all about the process and what’s best for the group.”

“You shut your mouth and get to bed boy, if we ever catch you playing that dirty football again there’ll be hell to pay!”


Judging by the hurling thread comments we might need Cody to reciprocate the favour .


Cody has before, believe he went out of his way to talk to Castleknock feile winning team


I know Vinne’s comment is merely tongue in cheek but the relative success of the likes of Monaghan really shows up O’Rourkes and others calls about Dublin


It asks questions of a lot of inter county managers and the sports media who prefer to question what the successful counties are doing right rather than how much they the “weaker counties” are doing wrong.