Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


He was originally pissed off at them for the Brian Carty business, but he was still speaking to them. It was their playing of the song & their pathetically ham fisted justification of it, that led him to stop speaking to them.


Missed all of that.


RTE the moral conscience of the country, not above making jokes in bad taste


Bit of a leap by @irelanduncut there alright. Can’t lay the blame at RTE or Mayo fans in general because some wingnut takes it all too far. And there’s plenty of vitriol comes from our side too.


Reading some of that twitter, blogs and the RTE stuff etc. is very depressing. If you heard a gang of nine year olds at it you would be shocked at the carry on - but these are all adults! Thank god for the oasis of sanity that is Resdubs (most of the time :grinning:)


The other thing about these gobdaws is that they bring absolutely nothing to any debate except noise and sh1te …


Real shift in tone and culture this past while, very Premier League stuff where the bullshit around the game - the ‘controversies’, personalities, fan nonsense - is becoming as prominent as what occurs on the pitch.


Hill 16 built on Prem foundations …


Life was much easier before the internet .


Good man Vinny


This is the correct way to deal with this kind of shittery.


Agreed. Mind you it’s not hard to ignore the lot.


The Laois idiot’s tweet this evening sums it up


The one about the lack of controversy in hurling? Says it all about him. You wouldn’t mind when he does concentrate on the game, he is actually quite knowledgeable but it’s all glossed over by him taking the snide angle to things.


I don’t rate him at all. The reason he needs controversy is cos he knows f**k all about the game - a spoofer.


Agree yea. He was actually a decent pitchside reporter on newstalk.


Totally agree.


He’s like Brady from Mayo and Brolly to an extent, only ever gets noticed if he says something “controversial” i.e. talks shyte about someone, never has a positive thing to say, always chipping away at other people. It’s a sad state of affairs if they are the best pundits that you can find.


Bizarre story here


Will be interesting to see how his appeal goes, they will hopefully add some clarity.