Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


there is no accusation needed, its right up there, he said there was no pic - and then in the icemans post we see him saying it several times.

at best he is simply confirming that he is a moron at worst a troll.


hes a flute


Wooly has mentioned Barry & that page alot in his podcast over the last couple of years so no love lost between them .


He trolls him and then threatens him as a follow up (you’ll be in trouble…) FFS!


Yeah BD but it’s a fine line unfortunately. If a journo criticises Delaney’s salary does he get banned? Or the GAA/Sky deal? Who calls it? I’m no fan of the media but you cannot ban free speech just because you might not agree with or like what is being said.


its at an all times low because the traditional media have lowered themselves to pandering to social media. so you dont get the sheer effort that it needed to write long form articles and develop an argument or a debate over several days or weeks. instead you get soundbites and clickbait phrases.

if you compare how matt cooper addresses any issue on his radio show these days to how he would ten, or even 5 years ago, the difference is stark. He asks loaded snarky questions designed to get the click bait reply and not to actually get to the heat of an issue. its amazing when you consider that his team are made up of fellow ex-tribune journalists who used to hold themselves up as a loftier alternative to the sindo etc.

you can see it in george hook and ivan yeats as well.


The Irish media are leading the charge in a race to the bottom, standards wise. Using twitter as a source and sticking up comments from there and farcebook in articles is all too commonplace these days.


they do, and sure look at the rubber stamp that the FAI AGM has become, where no questions are allowed. at least the GAA arent a dictatorship like the soccer lads.


and there are less and less places to find quality. the village magazine is a right-wing tin foil hat wearing shadow of what it used to be. the phoenix is (and always has been) far from what private eye is which is a shame as it sees itself as the irish version.

i have the times ireland edition on subscription and once you phase out the brit element its way above the standards of the other irish dailys on a shoestring staff and budget.


I don’t think it’s that fine a line to be honest. When somebody consistently publishes lies and inaccuracies coupled with showing the world their true colours and bias via their social media platforms as MacKenna and Parkinson have done in recent weeks it is not free speech. I can’t just constantly accuse somebody of cheating with no evidence. Id be sued. Why are these lads held to a different standard? Freedom of press only extends so far


I agree - unfortunately they seem to have an audience.


Which is why the organisation’s need to take a stand. Investigative journalism in Ireland is dead anyway. It’s all clickbait bollocks. These lads should be treated with the contempt they show towards others.


thats why they always have “these tweets are in no way representative of my employers views” or some variant of it.

in fact mckenna often says “my tweets are not journalism” when held to account on twitter.


But how? They might twist facts and present them ingenuously but is that bannable stuff? I don’t see anyone in HQ coming out against them. It’s just never going to happen. The GAA needs coverage - they are not going to take on sections of media cos some people don’t like that they say/write.


Well, HQ never will.

The issue is that the GAA will engage with “internet based” media as the age profile of offline media get steeper and they fade out of the advertisers sights. Those advertisers fund the GAA.

You can see it on radio too, for example. 2FM and Today FM’s weekday schedules and playlist are pitched at the 16-26 year old bracket (with the exception on Today FM in the morning rush hours). The days are long gone on Today FM of the Dempsey/D’arcy/Foley/Fenton/Cooper/Dunne line-up and the demographic it used to capture. This is because of advertisers, who feed off and feed into the clickbait world view.

it is also why sites like here wont get as many visitors as hill16 on facebook/twitter. if we had a facebook page it would swamp here as facebook is a touch away on everyones phone.


I wouldn’t mind, but they haven’t even banned any journalists as they are still all in the press conference.They have just gotten rid of an additional exclusive ‘Huddle’ that some of the print journalists had access to.

If journalists want more access all they have to do is convince whoever it is they want to talk to that it is in their best interest to grant that access. Obviously they are having a hard time doing that.


Unfortunately they’re following the market. no one is willing to pay for their news anymore, so the whole industry is chasing clicks and hits. It’s a race to the bottom but they’re following the crowd rather than leading the way.


Is Mickey Harte still not talking to RTÉ over them trying to drop Brian Carthy?


apparently so


Not talking them as result of comments made by one of their Radio 1 presenters re his daughter. And then refusal to apologise. He’s quite right on this one. Not for the first time RTE has behaved disgracefully.