Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


No picture on his Twitter, fake name, these type of clowns are usually the biggest cowards you can meet. Social media platforms have a duty to stop this and there’s only way of stopping it. If somebody is found to be acting the bollocks like this lowlife then Twitter should post his/her IP address. Let everyone know who they are


I seen the tweet yesterday when first put up. I commented it should be treated as a criminal act. I also made an official complaint to twitter in relation to the twitter account that posted the tweet. The owner of account should act now before they are identified and humbly and sincerely apologise as a minimum.


That type of person won’t though, they are just bulling at home that he/she can’t claim credit for the act publicly. It’s a sad reflection on modern society.


Received this reply from twitter in last 5 minutes:


Good man Napper.


From mayo. Wonder if admin of the year has removed the post the other day calling Barry a scumbag over on his blog?


Scum of the earth I believe it was


No it’s still there. And it was posted before he deleted a heap of posts that he found unacceptable. Obviously that’s fair game to Willie. Sound lad


I wouldn’t really be on the mayo site couldn’t even remember when but i’d say it will probably burn out next wk comin up to our match


I always keep an eye out for revelinno… that lad is funnier than most stand up comedians with tin foil hats.


Twitter et al are too busy making money to be responsible for the hatred they facilitate
They are equally culpable with the likes of that poster for the content . The sooner it disappears up it’s own arse the better



That’s a bit of a leap to connect some wanker’s hateful Twitter message with a media anti-dub agenda.


Ridiculous leap to make. Some people are c***s and need no help whatsoever to be c***s.

Blaming the media is a nonsense.

Twitter is a fucking plague. I don’t go anywhere near it.


Wow so now we are to blame? Hold the horses. I had to give up looking at that hill 16 page. I’ve seen Mayo called rats and scumbags regularly and it’s liked and cheered on by the admins.

The image that lad was sent was a disgrace and that person that sent that should be punished but when you control a platform that facilities hate you leave yourself open to attack. Sad out true reflection on society today.


Fair points but separate issues in regard to what was posted about suicide. Yes he brought it on but doesn’t mean its acceptable.


I’m with Mayoman on this one. That was a disgraceful tweet sent. But Barry is no angel here. He facilitates a site, where some awful rubbish & vitriol is published. I see very little effort by him to remove the worst of it. During last years Dermo drama, or the previous years Dermo/Leroy drama, things got particularly ugly there. He, the site & some of the posters have been called out for it here, where at least our mods make an effort to keep a lid on the worst stuff. He rarely does.

I’m not in any way condoning the tweet that was sent to him, but let’s call a spade here. If someone’s misguided ire is directed at him personally for a change, instead of a player or an official, his site facilitates that crap. Maybe he needs to rethink how he runs it?


Horrible post from a horrible individual but not surprising. I have come across a lot of anti dublin aggression, to the extent that this type of behaviour is now par for the course .


Not acceptable I agree 100% and have stated that but I’m amazed anyone with difficulties and needing help for depression would run or take part on a site that incites hate. And it’s not the only page before anyone abuses me of anti Dublin bias…some clowns in mayo have one too that I avoid like the plague.


Well of course but it being a tough thing to do is no excuse for what was said. Have to separate that from any other factor. There’s no qualifying it, it’s just out of order and on its own merit must be called out and dealt with.