Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Should be part of a GAA campaign, strong links now with Mental Health problems etc. Also might help cut out a lot of flack players are getting.


Think so,he does a lot across a wide range of areas of Social and Digital Strategy, Design etc for Sports, Consumers, Corporations…


It’s s pity that a lot of the flak comes from a-hs who were there in bygone days but seem determined to make themselves more ‘relevant’ off the pitch than they ever were on it.

And they aren’t relevant at all …


I’d agree but the point is its always been that way, worse in the past, and media whingers or other whingers try to make the discourse that, "it’s gone terrible bad, never been so bad!! :’( " Just not true


“Unfollow”… Does that word put the dread of God into people these days? Just sounds “laughable to me bandero, ha!” I could adapt a certain REM tune :slight_smile:


True enough, do think other sports have upped their games and make the GAA season seem more and more outdated.


Stunning photo!!


I am just posting this because it is a good example of the mix of journalism and editorialising (and the lack of distinction between the two), that goes on in online sites (and most tabloids).

The story itself is irrelevant, who cares what Connacht do with their pre-season competitions - but this line ‘A suggestion by Carew makes sense…’ is just thrown in there. It makes sense to who? The person writing the piece isn’t even named.

It seems impossible to find anywhere that just gives the story.The 42 site has that horrific hash tag thing after it, that tries to frame the thing in their frame of reference, and nothing is left to the reader. It has the same moral contextualising that those eejits (Ant and Dec :slight_smile:) on Off the Ball do.

The whole notion of Man bites Dog being the story (rather then Dog bites Man) has gone out the window. Joe Bloggs thinking his team will have a tough time against the upcoming team, but should pull through in the end isn’t news. It is only news if he says, ‘well basically we are shite, and we are only wasting our time’, or ’ the opposition are shite, we will beat them by 20 points’. But the usual clichéd stuff isn’t news. Maybe worth a line in a story about the game, but it is not a story in itself…

Rant over - go back to work!


Well lads there’s the difference, the Dublin lads actually get the ride, while the Mayo lads only talk about it!


Cork Ladies football medal collection found …


I can see a future GAA headline

“oldest intercounty manager in history dies”

“And whether we have won an All-Ireland before that, I won’t be leaving until I win one too.”


Someone should let him know its the first of Feb, not April


You’d have to help this little diamond …


Poor Girl passed away a few days ago.
Heart breaking


Just seeing that. Beautiful child - so sad. Heart goes out to parents. RIP Doireann.


That is absolutely dreadful stuff. RIP


That’s an awful story and becoming far too commonplace as well.

Makes us all the more thankful that @Briano little fella Danny is doing so well these days.


Very sad.
Kudos to Moran for raising it.


Brings home the importance of donating blood and platelets in cases like this.
Everyone should do it if they are able to


Anthony Moyles was on OTB on Monday night. Hes fairly good to listen to.