Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Met him in work a fair bit last last year. On the day of the Mayo/Kerry semi, he was wearing a black & grey check suit that was far too small for him. The legs were supper skinny & were cropped short & looked very odd. He was wearing those teddy boy shoes (think Shawaddywaddy video circa 1981) popular in the 50’s, in patent leather, with big shiney silver buckles. The beard was very shiney & pomaded to within an inch of its life. Eye-catching doesn’t do it all justice ! :rofl:

Joking aside, I think mavericks like him are great in breaking the mould of what the stereotypical GAA player is supposed to be, but fcuk me, he just looked like he was trying way too hard. Which as we fashionistas here all know, is breaking the No 1 rule of fashion. Am I right, or am I right? :wink:


You’re not wrong


Bravo! :smile:


I actually dig it.



Lord Farquaad Galvin , designer in medieval times.


HAVe to say and I’m been pedantic I hate the way the counters are knocked out of the A in his logotype like WtF?


Not sure if anyone was following this , I follow them on twitter . Some developments after yesterday .


It bothers me too , but if it drew your attention to it it’s already working !


Jesus that’s horrific. CAUCs who ever done it.


Fairly dodgy tweet sent to him , saw it earlier.


Who sent it to him?



Disgusting. Some sick puppies out there


They look like two c*nts up to no good.


That’s an absolute disgrace. How someone could send something like that is beyond me.


I looked him up on Twatter there, and Twatter warned me that some of his posts are deemed offensive and are under investigation. So why allow his account to continue?? Some of the social media platforms are absolutely remit of their duties to humanity!!! Twitter especially!

Back on topic, Tom Foolery is a complete cu nt


That’s a disgrace


Because they are c#nts and social media gives every c#nt a platform.

If you don’t want personal issues hatefully thrown back in your face then don’t share them on social media, especially out of context.


That tweet is utterly disgusting.

I don’t care how much you dislike someone, to stoop to that level says something pretty horrific about you as a person.

A quick look at his twitter shows him to be quite the charmer.


The pathetic scumbag will enjoy the commotion.