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Can’t stop laughing at Bogman . Sounds like a culchie superhero ffs


You’d look the part alright wearing his gear cutting sods of turf :laughing:


HAS to fit into it first - anyone looking to get a vasectomy don’t bother get a pair of galvin Kleins jeans and feel yer nads die in a few days.




That’s not fo’ reals, is it?

That has to be a Waterford Whisperer pisstake ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh , it’s real alright !


Does he go into a cubicle, have a sh*te and then emerge in Green’n’Gold spandex?


Armed with the “Duster of Destiny”, no doubt.


Must have been some crack when the cops found this


A right bummer fir the smuggler. More of an ass than a mule.


ah yer pickin holes in things now


Crack? I thought it was cocaine?


You could actually buy a decent outdoors camo jacket for €90 as opposed to that glorified paper tissue


Quote of the week right there


Noel O’Leary? :joy::joy:


He is like the Bull McCabe in the field … not sure that’s the fashion look I would be going for it I were him


It’s camo - you’re not supposed to see them.


I really hope Galvin Klien does a revamp off this fashion trend. Id be all on for this.


ye cant bate a bit of class


That @Rochey when he was playing minor ?