Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Danny La Rue?


Der Lone Ranger.


David Lee Roth… of course




I would say Joanne is anything but lightweight, she will take no crap.

During the Olympics coverage she was the only presenter to keep asking questions until it was answered about Pat Hickey and when it came to boxing as to why Billy Walsh left. Several times she had a group of men on the couch looking very uncomfortable and it was great.

She won’t be one bit worried about Joe Brolly. Hopefully Daragh Moloney gets the TV commentary role, his enthusiasm is brilliant.


This is how I see it playing out too


The cheering at the end sounds like a giant f**k you to Communism :smiley:



I’d imagine Brolly may well have a few Hook moments before he settles down …


Eyesight technology??? Jaysus nothing wrong with Con’s eyesight. Though I hope someone is paying the insurance for him.

Mickey Harte won’t be impressed … honesty and all that …


Ha ha ha you couldn’t dream it up :eyes:


Look, he’s hatching at the driver’s door!!


Nor did I…or that she played football.

I suppose like most national presenters she has to soften the accent and cut out the colloquialisms.

She presented the Irish News Ulster All-Star Awards a few years back.

(The awards we hand out to ourselves).


Don’t know if you remember a story from last year where an ‘anonymous Tyrone player’ wrote a letter to a paper complaining about how they were being badly treated compared with other counties, that expenses were late etc.

Well just before the election of county Chairperson…the incumbent claimed it was basically dirty tricks, that someone had apologised to her for doing it, and that she was considering legal action.



Nothing strange about dirty dealings in GAA/club politics … don’t get me started … :open_mouth:


Yeah, I suppose politics and personalities affect clubs of all kinds.

People can take their roles super seriously.


His new range



Thought that was a piss take at first. 90 quid for a jacket in Dunnes. ■■■■ me :rofl:

Bogman :joy:


Who is buying his range? Honestly has anyone ever seeing anyone wearing his clothing?


He’s a visionary alright . Has another range out called the Shelby Collection , inspired after watching a few episodes of Peaky Blinders .