Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


or Mrs beckham or sporty spice


Glad she got the job to be honest…would have thought Dara o cinneide would have been a good choice too. He was excellent on seo spoirt anyway let. Would be really great if the freshened up the panel too, Spillane and O’Rourke are particularly insufferable


Right so. I’m out of this conversation so. I know for a fact that you are incorrect!!!


You’d miss SLR…he did always raise the tone and quality even if he was a contrarian


How likely is it that a high-profile person at the top of their career took a voluntary demotion with no coercion, and not for reasons of illness/family etc? Really? If he agreed to it, of course the word would be put out that it was voluntary. Or maybe he joined the sufragettes?


Why leave if you know I am wrong? It’s hardly personal Rochey? Maybe I am wrong! It’s not the end of the world?


How is it a demotion ? Morning Ireland is one of RTE Radios flagship programnes.

Dobson had been doing 6.1 for the best part of 20 years. People do like a change from time to time in their job when it’s possible. Dobson will still be their lead presenter afaik for special events and for election coverage


he did a lot of things but not sure raising the tone was one of them! :yum:





Who’s that? South Leitrim Railwayline?


thankfully not or the eternally paranoid round here, would claim the train bypassed dublin on purpose?


not sure he ever descended into the internal machinations of rte staffing


True enough :joy:


So who’s SLR?


The almighty Bart , it should have been TLR.


Die Bart Die.

It’s German.


Well anyone who speaks German couldn’t possibly be evil


If there’s one truth history has taught us.


SLR? That would be DLR.


Dun Laoghaire Rathdown?