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Preferably covered in coddle.


Depends, are there eggs in this specific Coddle?


There better not be.



RTE Game On on 2FM at the minute previewing Ire v Fra men’s 6 Nations game. Eavann NI Cuilean plus 2 female rugby players in studio plus token man on the phone Bernard Jackman! To say the discussion is brutally bad is an understatement! RTE certainly doing their bit for positive discrimination!!


More feminazi boll@xology. Dara O Cinneide would have been an obvious and excellent replacement for Lyster except for an unfortunate appendage- his willy. Dobson was a decent presenter and was moved to make room for the sisters also. All silly and all done to paper over the real sexism- that male presenters have been paid more by RTE from day one- which is shameful and indefensible. Quota systems are not the answer. Nor is promoting someone on the grounds that (s)he doesn’t have a willy.


This is a bit nuts (excuse the pun!)

Joanne Cantwell is a fantastic presenter. As is Jacquie Hurley, either would have been excellent choices for the top job! It’s not sexism, or positive discrimination, it is a selection of the best person for the job!

As for Dobbo, I know he requested to move jobs. And you cannot say that Sharon is not good at what she does. A very polished presenter and also probably the best for the job.

Some of you doth protest too much!


What about the Formula One girls? Frank Warren says he’s not budging on the boxing girls. Darts girls are gone too. The world is a much better place.


What’s @ProudDub opinion on all this :thinking:


I think they should have just givin it to Al Porter, he knows everythin about all sorts of balls


It’s all matter of opinion as to whether Joanne Cantwell is best person for the job. She’s a much improved presenter and decent among what is a mediocre bunch. As mentioned by someone else earlier preference would have been for Dara OCineide. Think he is excellent, knows the men’s game at top level inside out and has great experience from Seo Spoirt. All opinions in fairness

What isn’t good is official RTE policy to ram female presenters & sports down the throats of all viewers purely because they are female. It is bolloxoligy. That carry on on Game On this evening was laughably bad.

People and in the main those that are interested in sport will just switch off and go elsewhere. And then what happens. RTE lose the rights to the main sports because the viewer numbers and advertising goes.


Dobson did not ask to leave. It was a demotion to make room for a female, to spare RTE’s blushes over pay inequality.


Joanne cant well be expected to know men’s games inside out. I would have been sorry to lose D. Moloney from commentary, which he would hardly be able to do if also a presenter. I do think Joanne is a bit lightweight though, Brolly will look to provoke her so that’ll be interesting.


In fairness, if they haven’t switched off listening to Ger Canning, they never will!

And I disagree that they are ramming females down our throats… (That conjures up some mildly disturbing imagery!) Have you ever stopped to consider that they are actually the best candidates for the job?

Sorry to disagree with you, but I have it on good authority that he did. And this person would have been close to one of the parties involved.

Anyone remember the time that Sharon referred to him as Dobbo at the end of the news one night? The look of shock on his face!!! Like “how dare you call the lead anchor by his nickname on live TV”!!!


Well your authority is wrong. No news anchor on a national broadcaster wants a demotion- and a significant one at that.


And your actual proof of this is ?


Eavann Ni Chilean?? Seriously?

Have no issue at all with best person for whatever role. Absolutely none.

Every RTÉ panel particularly on radio appears now has to have a female on the panel even when focus is men’s sport only. It’s part of deliberate attempt to force positive discrimination and nothing to do with having / finding the best person.


It’s all the rage in the states , dont know what the issue is


Really ? Watch the next Ireland match on RTE and I guarantee all 3 panellists will be male. During the WC every single panellist will be male although it wouldn’t bother me if they had someone like Emma Byrne on board.