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East Meath?


Dublin 15


Annexed by Dublin now :sunglasses:


East Meath… every time thats mentioned by the Royals, the natives of D.15 touch cloth in laughter.


And dont forget about Des either !
Not here to take part , here to take over :laughing:


Be careful!!! :wink:


+1 Probably not PC to say it but gender quotas are a load of me bo!!ix. The best person should be appointed, regardless of gender. Most likely, in many cases historically, that may not have been the case but you feel now that RTE are falling over themselves to redress the balance to the point where it’s so obvious, it’s not funny.

Back on topic! The appointment of Cantwell is the right call IMO. Seems some folk online have a problem with her over her interview with Eamon Fitzmaurice in 2015. Might be the one where she asked him about his future immediately after the AI final? Not sure how the 3 senior panelists will handle the news :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perhaps a misconception but that’s the way I see it. Dobbo dumped for example.


Brian Dobbson is torture to listen to. So dull and monotoned


I don’t think there’s going to be the same banter anymore tbh . I think O’Rourke & Spillane are from the by gone era . It will be interesting how she handles it when Brolly & Spillane go at it .


Hardly dumped. He wanted to go Morning Ireland from what I can recall.

Perry and Shanley are two very competent journalists as well.


In fairness it was a 50/50 chance…


They should of sent him out the back door and told him to keep walking and take "Ryan ‘Santy knows where all the little homeless children are’ Turbridy with him. Agree on Perry and Shanley.


Pushed id say.

No fan of Dobbo , don’t get me wrong, the next few appointments will be telling. . . . . . . . .


Just ask yourself what would have happened if Sharon had gone and had been replaced by a man :wink:


I think it’s great news for all us feminists. And she’s a nice lookin’ bird too!


I like Cantwell. Knows her stuff and not afraid to ruffle a feather or two. Very interested to see how she gets on.




Check your penis privilege, as they say. In Smash Hits.


Sharon Ni Bheolain or Siun Nic Gearailt, I ask?