Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


She has improved a lot over the years. Good presenter now, by RTÉ standards a very good presenter. Did she used to play for Dublin?


Won an all star for Dublin in 98.


Meltdown from Ewan in 3…2…1

All part of a the DCB/Pairic Duffy conspiracy no doubt :rofl:


Was part of the team to win Dublins first Leinster


Who’s giving out about her ?


Eejits on social media. Asking what qualifies her for the job? Maybe playing the game at the highest level and winning an all star


She’s living up in Ongar afaik. Seen her around the place. Really nice girl. Fully deserved. Knows her stuff about LOI too.


She’s the best presenter they have. The only one who doesn’t have to read off a script. She’s a genuine sports fan and knows her stuff.


So we now have a Dub anchoring the gaa & soccer .
What a time to be alive :laughing:


Yea, she was wooden enough when she first started but has really come on over the years.




Think she was learning from the dreadful Peter Collins at the time. How that man is still employed as a presenter baffles me. Since she got rid of the scripted bull and start asking her own questions she’s been top notch.


Not overly gone on her but as has been said by others, she has improved a lot and not got sucked into the sensationalist bullshit questions like asking a manager will they consider their future after a championship exit.


Her and Jaquie Hurley are both excellent presenters, delighted RTÉ are finally breaking the mold. Her and Darragh are both excellent.


Leaving aside this appointment, It seems lately RTE are really focused on appointing a certain gender to certain positions. e.g RTE 6:01.


Never knew she was a Dub.




Very. Maybe they’re just more qualified for the position.


I would agree with this . Though would be interesting to know if the position was open to interviews .


Best person always gets the job, all well and good been perceived in equality, I hope she is getting paid the same as Lyster was/is. Very much believe in Equal pay. A dub presenting the Sunday game. Great stuff. Has someone checked on you know who? :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: