Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


He’s more employable now. More outrage, more clicks for the Indo.

Keep feeding the troll everybody!

Only hope now is he does a Kevin Myers and slags off something from certain religions.


Could happen. Jim Gavin is a buddhist afterall*

*some of this might or might not be be fake news.


So is Bhikkhu …


Ah come on now, its not like his usual ramblings, this is fairly serious.


Disgraceful tweet by whoever said that. McKenna’s excuse that he liked it by mistake does not wash in my opinion.

I’ve seen some pretty low comments about Gaa players in the last few years but that one is right up there. Shameful


Sadly it’s typical of the unpoliced mess that social media is … not like this place … no siree bob


He gets all the outraged attention he desperately wants just by clicking “Like” on Twatface. He didn’t even write anything. His ResDubs stalkers should at least make the c**t work for his clicks.


That’s what annoys me, why don’t the gaa do something about these fellas, there’s been people banned from twitter and prosecuted for less.


Do you really think that what he did wouldn’t have ended up here . Jesus , some people are blinkered altogether at times .


I’ve heard worse than that in the pub.

What some might call blinkered, others see as not giving the him the attention he so obviously craves.


Well it was enough for two different people here to post it .
And ironically again , by someone who says we shouldn’t be posting stuff by the likes of Wooly , Ewan , etc . He actually posted the tweet .
You couldn’t make up it here , honestly …


I hear you.

The amount of threads taken over by his latest attention seeking drivel is annoying.

I’m sure the upcoming Boycott Hill 16 Army podcast will cover the issue in excruciating depth.

I just like watching the football. ■■■■ the rest of the shite.


Not enough football to keep us all occupied. Fair play to the lads for keeping us entertained.



Unfortunately they cut this video clip just before Fr Ted Crilly came out of the house and asked Micko to stop fecking driving him mad banging his ball off the wall. Fr Dougal Maguire also chimed in ‘Yeah, ya big bog ball eejit!’




Excellent choice by RTE. Joanne is a superb presenter


Was just about to post similar. She’s great at presenting. I see loads of people moaning on social media. More to do with her being a Dub than anything else I suppose. Most qualified person in RTE for it


Never thought she was a Dub for some reason and she played for the ladies too


Never knew she was a dub .