Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Yes you did , and was pulled up on it , and then went mysteriously missing for a couple of days after it .


You need to get a life son. :joy:


It’s alright , you made a show of yourself .
It was delicious seeing it :laughing:


You are a sad case. Seriously - catch a grip of yourself.

What exactly is your problem? Or are you only 8 or 9? That’s the only thing that would explain it.


Shameful stuff , you should go back & delete it .


Ah lads, Ewan just blocked me! I’m distraught


You should really stop stalking me. What is it with you? If I send you a signed photo will that do? It’s creepy at this stage.


Did you tweet something at him?


Delete the post . And you calling out Ewan , the absolute irony of it :laughing:


I tweeted a screenshot of it and called him out on it, saying he basically condoned knife crime and that he should apologize to Jonny Cooper. He gave some half arsed answer and then blocked me!


Great to see you stick up for a Na Fianna man Rochey!


Did someone become a mod on here all of a sudden? To the best of my knowledge, there are ways and means to report posts that cause offence.


Sure who HASN’T blocked Rochey on Twitter - I did it just filter out all that My Little Pony Porn he posts. *

  • This may or may not be fake news.


I married a NaFianna woman!!! I don’t harbour any ill feeling towards your club at all, but even if I did, I still couldn’t stand for that sort of tweet.


I seen yer tweet, well done. A couple 100 more like that from dubs would do no harm to the midnight cowboy.


Cleaned up this thread for the second time in as many days!


A mod’s job is never done.


It’s the time of year Tayto! Think there’s either a full moon just been or one coming :grinning:


A heeeeeor, that was a perfectly reasonably picture of a coddle pot… Apart from the fact that they pre-cooked the sausages! #blasphemy


Don’t worry, the coddle got it’s own thread @Rochey