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i use twitter a bit, you dont accidentally press like.


Caught by the proverbials :rofl:, small victories & all that .


You don’t press, like?


As I posted yesterday no county has been refused funding for properly structured coaching programmes - this is the real issue. Dublin are not taking funds that should go to other counties. Central funding would be made available for counties who want to emulate what Dublin are doing. Very few have even started down this road. This may be because it requires a lot of effort and hard work.

If you threw millions at each county it would not improve things unless they had coherent coaching strategies in place. But better to cry and moan than put in the hard work.


" I Hit like by accident"

My fucking hole. Ewan showing his true scumbag colours now


Been showing them for a while. I actually think the lad is not mentally well. Would be nice to see posh boy Cooper ask him this question but we know that won’t happen. Twitter is a nastily horrible space.


It’s a bit like the soccer heads constantly moaning about the funding the GAA gets when the exact same grants are open to any sports club who gets their shit together and applies for a grant.


He pressed the wrong button “by mistake?” :joy::joy: :joy:

Move over Father Ted. There’s a new comedy sheriff in town.




I’ve been an advocate of ignoring McKenna. But that is absolutely outrageous. How could anyone employ him after that?


You would sincerely hope that that is the case but the way things have gone the last year or two you wouldn’t be surprised if this was just ignored. It’s open season on Dublin GAA. I wonder if the county board will make a comment on this?


This is it Alan and thats why a lot on here have been bemoaning the fact that this guy gets the platform on a national media. If he does his job the way he says he does and thats challenging the funding issue and leaving aside the personal dislike towards the senior footballers he might get more traction. But to like a post where a young man could of possibly lost his life for been in the wrong place at the wrong time just beggars belief.

His defence it was an accident, don’t buy it, Maybe he thought he was still in Kildare forum persona. The lad needs to be called out on it.


And the GAA have said that they can sustain the funding given to dublin whilst improving funding to other counties/provinces. There is (AFAIR) about €10-€20 million between what the GAA brings in and pays out so there is wiggle room.

In one of my engagements with him (perhaps three years ago now) I asked him to show me one non dublin club who applied for a grant that was turned down whilst a Dublin Club got one for the same purposes. I also suggested that he gets his club to submit a motion to congress about Dublin Finances or indeed ask KCB why no such motions ever get submitted. There was no reply, because, once you get though the thin soil of his “financial doping” theory there is no bedrook to what he has, the emperor is naked.

The other thing which we ahve been seeing the last while is this whole “level the playing field” thing between Dublin and (usually) un-named counties. Of course, what these people DONT mean is that all counties become equal, no no. They just want those counties just behind dublin to be equal with dublin. The clear hypocracy of such a stance is never pointed out to them by the likes of Cooper etc.

As @mayoman pointed out as i was catching up on posts - there is far more divergance between the Connaught Counties in terms of population/finances than anywhere else but there is no uproar about it.


and what button was he supposed to be pressing?

given the ranting he was on on the kildare forum i find his explanation hard to believe.


The button he should of been pressing was ‘press for help’ because the dopey idiot needs a lot of it.


To present it as being another example of oversensitive Dubs is bonkers.


Embarrassing to watch the squirming now. Cringeworthy stuff! :joy:

No doubt it was meant though - plenty of similar stuff that then disappears. For a guy that is always right he makes some amount of mistakes. Hope he never ends up as POTUS … might press the wrong button.


:joy: , True , you had one of your Spewan moments too :joy::joy:


No. I didn’t.


I hoep he never gets a job looking after Hawkeye.