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Emm, That is a bizarre piece of writing. It comes across as the sporting equivalent of yer man Barry Egan in the sindo. Overwrought throughout.

Also, while I always thought that Cork group underachieved, to say the following is taking things a bit far

In 2011, Dublin succeeded Cork as All-Ireland champions but the sense in football at the time was that if there was going to be a team to win several All-Irelands in the subsequent years, it would be Cork, propelled by a couple of All-Ireland winning U21 teams and the most impressive high-performance set-up in the sport

I know it’s the cork examiner, but that is ridiculously biased. The Cork footballers were already shown to be too flakey to win a series of all-irelands.


I always thought of that Cork team as being a bit like our early nineties team. The years they were being very good in the league winning four on the bounce etc. they would beat Kerry once and then fall against them later or lose to Mayo in games they would have been favourites for and finally they fell over the line in 2010. I expected them to fall apart in 2011 and then start to come back but the comeback has been a long time happening.


I think what I took out if it is how boring playing inter county football has become . Lads literally cannot do anything anymore . It’s like a penance now


Jaysus lads, that’s from last year FFS. And in anyway, “Pundit Arena”?! Give us a break, you’d get better analysis in a slow morning on here.

Anyone not from the winning counties always describes the game as ‘boring’, ‘in crisis’, ‘not nearly as good as it used to be’. Good luck to them, it’s the greatest era since the 90s for me, there hasn’t really been a one-sided final since 2006


Even as a supporter the season is pretty boring. could be so much better.


I see Woolie is calling Barry McGuigan obnoxious on Twitter . (Chap obviously doesn’t do Irony) Wonder would he say that to his face…


Only if he wanted it rearranged …




The man is polar opposite of obnoxious, so it’s another thing to add to the list of complete bollox that “Woolie” talks.

Unfollow that twat and stop giving him traffic. It’s like the Daily Express click bait at this stage!


Totally agree. I’ve met Mc Guigan a handful of times and he’s far from obnoxious.

I’ve never heard anyone call him that before.

As for the other clown he just likes to stir things up to get a reaction and what he knows about boxing you’d put on a stamp and still have room for his name and address.


Parkinson is the guy who when playing for his home club used to famously say to his team-mates - why would I pass to you.
Says everything


The best anyone can do is just don’t mention the prick. This is his oxygen the squeaky little fucker.


Lads FFS, He shouldn’t be discussed on a Dublin GAA forum. Let the Laois lads or whoever else the F…k . talk about him.


I hope nobody throws a high ball in on top of him…


He was thrown in at last minute as David Clarke couldn’t make it :joy:


I hope the joint player managers gave him permission to do that otherwise he won’t be allowed on next year’s team holiday…


DCR running amok here … site under cyber attack … dive for cover …

Early Spring clean?!


It’s what he does for a living. He works for Digital Communications Company and specialist in Social Media. In fairness, he helps lot of clubs on Social-Media Awareness etc.


Ta Liam and fair play to him - was not aware of that.


Is that hennellys background - a digital marketer?