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Yeah basically, there was opinion expressed whether a players persona could possibly be a reflection of their off field persona. The usual protectionist libel bile came out, which seems to be the go to,when negative opinion is expressed towards players of the victim county. This is obviously in stark contrast to the standard on other threads namely the politics one, for example.


Politicians deserve abuse. Amateur players don’t. Simples.


Explain protectionist libel bile please.

On second thoughts don’t bother.


No one deserves abuse, it has to be earned.


Except for politicians.


I will allow you your opinion.


Can we just have Hiller’s line back? It was magnificent … but after a w/e of alcohol I can’t even remember it :unamused:


I genuinely missed all that unfortunately, but I wouldn’t have much time for that chap as a footballer, When I listened back to his city west speech when we done the 3 IN A ROW he was on about them continuin on to fight the good fight, well if fightin the good fight consists of divin, hittin players in the back of the head, rippin players jerseys off, constantly whinging at refs/umpires to get lads sent off and throwin GPS’s then that’s some way of fightin the good fight, God love him. back to last night you’d have to be happy with the result, rusty in the 1st half and great performance in the 2nd. pity they got that 2nd goal would have been nice to beat them by 10 but the game was over by then. watched the Kerry match, they are jammy, if mullins had stayed on the pitch I think Donegal would have bet them. the same could be said of monaghan, jammy mayo


Irrespective. we could go over the whole thing. if you want to.


I’ll quote you on that.


im just ragin I missed it


Try typing his name :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Yes sir, i’ll try not to be bold any more, but the chap is a moron


Was on the hill last night, thought business as usual from the lads yeah not quite getting the passes in first half but for a period in the 2nd felt we could really open them up and at the same time keep them to 1/2 points for the 2nd half . I agree couple of the 1 point wins in div.1 today more good fortune than good football, let’s hope going forward it’s the good football that wins.


Oh relax. I‘m joking. Anyways this thread is getting off topic again.


They’re all available in the library in croke park.


He is going back to 2004 because that was when the sports council grant had become relevant. He has abandoned the 2010 line because so many were hitting him with the stuff I wrote last year.

Problem for him is that I’m already ahead of him on the 2004 stuff as well.

Notes of interest-both Dublin and Tipperary have the same income per year at about €4million and have virtually identical commercial income.

Also Croke Park/Leinster/DCB see no merit whatsoever in his workings hence why they don’t see the need to debate it. Case in point was when he debated this with Sean Kelly on the radio last year and who debunked his theories quickly and easily despite not being president for over a decade.


Yea, Kelly fair ripped his bluster apart.


From the viewpoint of the usual suspects (otb/Matt cooper/the prat/indo) his routine is not scrutinized as it provides great entertainment/clicks of outrage. The only problem I had was that when you see how many ordinary joes swallow it and repeat it verbatim you start worriying if those joes are Congress delagates and could translate that ignorance into a potentially damaging vote for us.

The reality as displayed by several presidents and general secretaries is different though, which is reassuring and takes the heat out of it.

Anyway he is a clockwork ranter. When we beat Kildare. When we win Leinster. When we win a league. When we win an all Ireland. So we have to endure him four times a year, which I guess is the price one pays for success.


Back pedalling furiously. Pressed the wrong button. :joy::joy::joy:

Add spineless to the list. Pathetic.