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Taking his turn at the old propaganda wheel, such a load of hoorism, Kerry embarrassing themselves yet again with this sort of BS. They need to let the Tadgh Kennelly/Darragh OSé school of ruthless half-assed hoorism go as a basis for strategy+media handling, it is badly undermining the very legacy which they reference. Kerry badly in need of a new broom at this stage


Kerry don’t play with a sweeper, Al… it’s not in their DNA.


I wonder do they actually believe it down there. That they are “full of purists or lovely footballers”. If they do, then they are completely in denial on the quality that they currently possess.

Getting a pain in the xxxx listening to Donaghy all winter as he promotes his book. That said i have a smile on my face when i know that he’s saying all this as a loser to the Dubs again. My i’m sure he would have liked to do his book as a AI champion


As long as they believe it isn’t an even playing field due to our sponsorship , endorcements, funding , etc I think this will be the case . Even though we have the better footballers currently they will always point to their past & living off old glories . City urban lads better at football than pure bred keepers of the light , no they are not having that & will never accept it .


“You have to be bet down mentally and have given up on life” - Joe Sheridan’s goalkeeping credentials called into question

Thought this was a wind up when I hear this :grinning::grinning::grinning:


This would be the same Kerry that rake in the cash off Kerry Group and on their annual jaunts to the US :smirk:


We can put that picture from the 70’s to bed now lads :wink:




Ha! Brilliant. Even better, fear as Rath Eanaigh atá ann. Seriously though, that one’s getting framed, and sculpted.

From the league final if I’m guessing right based on memory of the game, and the light, and Moran being there?


No idea Al , just came across it on the web . I’d love to know what height that ball was in the air considering Fenton’s height , elevation and wingspan of his arms or more appropriately the length of his arms , an all mighty catch !
If ya can remember I’d love to watch it back .


About 11-12’, I reckon?


Wouldn’t be out of place on a basketball court then !


Probably not… but there are plenty of examples of basketball players who weren’t so good on a Gaelic Football field (Liam McHale, for example).


Watched back the league final when TG4 repeated it over Xmas, the catch and subsequent offload are majestic!


Nice one @dcr22B :smiley:


Great pic. On another note one of the plays of the year was when Fenton kicking point off left foot after dummy soloing(think was David Moran) at start of second half against Kerry when chips were down. Inpsirational score


Remember that one well , he turned his performance around in the second half .


Think it was late in the 1St half but could have been early 2nd. Can I just say again, post of the year! :smiley:


That point was to draw us level in the 2nd half and once it went over you knew we wouldn’t lose it


It was definitely the 2nd half as it came from a Kerry kickoff from the Hill 16 end.