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Fixture list is a separate issue to commitment but I agree more games is preferable. But it s a long standing problem in the gaa. When I was a juvenile gaa player it was a problem then and there was no inter county fixture list to get in our way. In contrast when playing soccer 28 games a season no problem very organised.


Jeeze … that’d put them four years behind our lads …


It doesn’t matter how much they all train - we get all the money and stuff so they can’t win anyway. We even took back their gym equipment. Life isn’t for losers. Only the strong survive.


Again completely missing the point. There are players good enough to play inter county who cannot commit to what most people agree are insane training regimes. They are lost to the game at the highest level, mostly because of mad managers and their demands. That’s not what the GAA is supposed to be.


Sorry but this idea of the good old days, not really true. The top teams of the 70s and 80s trained like mad also and in a much less smart way. Training these days is, actually less gruelling in some ways, less harmful, and more variety. And I’ve seen top players out in the pub at times, randomly, so they do have a life. Several of our players have also taken breaks from the game and were not penalised for it by Gavin and Co


I could not disagree with you more, no matter how hard I might try. Read what you have just written! Less gruelling? Some have gone for a drink, with permission? Or taken a holiday AND WEREN’T THROWN OFF THE PANEL?? Well my oh my. It must still be a hobby after all! How owned is your thinking? Try to get outside the box and then have another bash!


Micko said the other night that Kerry trained on 27 consecutive nights - that was back in the 70s. I doubt most of our lads have done much in the last 8 weeks. Except holiday. Let them train away hard. I’m not paying €80 to watch fellas with hands on knees blowing hard after 50 minutes. Good old days me arse.


I get your point I just don t agree with it. If Dublin footballers are considered the most committed and ahead of just about every other county how come the players consistently state in interviews that the manager ( is jim one of the mad ones? )is accommodating for any of their careers or studies and other life circumstances. If he is so demanding how come cian o Sullivan could head to se Asia traveling 2-3 years ago for 6weeks or so and miss a chunk of training . My cousin met a clare hurler in Peru last month , a 2013 winner and current panelist. Will not resume training till March. Maybe there are a few headbangers out there managing but seems to me those who are involved at inter county are a bit more aware of players needs than they are given credit for. Too much exaggeration on here methinks.


Training sessions to competitive matches ratio is greater than 10/1 for intercounty teams. That’s not an exaggeration. That’s factual.
No idea how people can try and justify current inter county training and commitment levels.


Yes. And three of that team are dead and any number of the rest of them have had knee and hip replacements.

And there is an epidemic of osteopathic injuries happening in the last decade according to Niall Moyna and others, who would suggest that we are not training smarter but in fact are training more stupid. Look at university students in particular and how they are flogged to death. .

And what’s worse is it is going on at underage.

I know and interact with inter county players. They live like hermits. Everything they do bar work is done for them. They have virtually no decision making powers over their own lives except for maybe two months in the year. Told what and when to eat. When to sleep. What to drink. When to holiday. Tested ad nauseum for everything. Some of them want to do it. Clearly they do. But that does not make it right. And it is only encouraging the pay for play movement and destroying the clubs. And this year we will have some 15 year olds being taken away from their friends and trained into the ground, often not to play a single minute of a championship game. All in the name of what exactly?

I really don’t know where this will end. But it’s not going to be good.


Fixture lists and training/matches are a different argument. Personally I rather a shorter season at inter county but this debate is about players commitment and what is being asked of them in their lives. I know a current hurler on the Dublin panel and has no issue with what he is being asked.


Ah sorry lad it’s gone beyond hobbies…it’s like de players are forced to do it…nobody in this day n age does it bcoz the feel they have to… players get a lot from it tangible or not…

U seriously think Alan brogan thought it was a hobby!!!.. Fook no it was his ambition as a sportsman … paid or unpaid Alan was brought up in an environment where this was the ambition he was educated at home to strive to

And don’t worry in de 70s people also said it was lunacy but the bar ( ambition) always get higher in every walk of life

Hobby is playing with ur drone on a Sunday morning in de Phoenix Park n I’m fooked if me and lots more will travel home to watch that


Three of them are dead because they trained too hard?? FFS Alan - you sure you didn’t do drama in school?? The players are adults. There are thousands of kids who’d give their left arm to do it - though then they’d be no good. Not justifying it either - don’t need to - players doing it justifies it. Keep racking up the Celtic crosses lads. Legends.


They’re absolutely not different- they’re intrinsically linked. Inter county managers believe that in order to play on average 10 competitive games a year that players should train >100 Times and that they need to curtail their social lives, to standards higher than those of professional athletes, for 7/8 months of the year. It’s madness.


Injuries are a consequence of playing sport for years. I know plenty of junior soccer players who have chronic knees and hips and not a gaa manager ever was near them. Alcoholism was a factor in the death of 2 of those kerry players - being an inter county manager probably kept one of them alive for longer than he should have cause it kept him off the drink while the championship was on. I agree 100% with you about young fella s being taken away from the clubs - no need for any type of inter county football at u15/16 or even minor imo.


There are people who jog miles every day and don t ever enter any competitions . There are people who go to the gym at 6 every morning before work and they are not on any team of any description on any sport they just like doing that stuff. I d prefer more games too and a condensed inter county season maybe 4-5 months long. I just don t think the players are suffering in silence the way you seem to think they are.


Heart issues were a factor in the deaths of all three of them. And we all know Micko’s training methods. Not exactly modern. I don’t know if it was a factor in what killed them. But it was absolutely a factor in Bomber, Spillane et al having various bits of them replaced. Junioir soccer players are unlikely to have repetitive injuries caused by constant wear and tear. Lack of fitness is their problem. Anyway, if they want to do it they’ll do it. But some of them are storing up a lot of pain for themselves in the future.

But the madness of some of the managers at some point has to be challenged. But I won’t hold my breath


Absolutely and people are entitled to do as much training and exercise as they like and good luck to them.
My point is that the gaa are seeing some of the best players in some counties walk away because they’re not willing to give up years of their lives to ridiculous training regimes. We’re insulated from it here because we’re so successful at the minute but speak to people from other counties and it is a big problem that’s only going to get worse.


I d say the drink was more likely to damage the heart than micko s training now . A junior soccer player trains twice a week and plays 30-34 90 min games a season. Might not do it at a 100 mph but it be a decent level of fitness. Some might play 2 games at a weekend if their club requires them. There are plenty of dedicated sports people out there who sacrifice it for the love of it. I know a few rowers , a savage training regime harder than any gaa training and little or no reward at all.
Some folk are all or nothing and I guess the inter county player is that type of folk. Anyhow I ve had a bellyful of this for one evening. We ll have to agree to disagree.


OI d be fairly familiar with club football in clare to pick a lesser county so to speak . They have all their best footballers on their panel bar the ones who are dual and who opted for the hurling. In other counties you find if the best players are not there it’s due to rows about managers , disorganized county board , poor training regimes( imagine that !). Look you have a point and I think the fixture list being 9 months for those who get to the final is crazy but 82000 folk don t want to see beer bellies running out of gas after 30 mins. It is competitive sport after all.