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Slightly odd indeed.

“the Dubs push towards poshness has done little harm to their fortunes on the field”

So are we all posh boys now?




Did someone put a gun to his head and make him do it. Did nt think so. He could have hurled at junior b away with his club and go on the beer every night if he wanted. Biggest gripe seems to be about not being able to go in the piss.


His biggest gripe is being treated like a child. Happens all the time. And there’s no need for it.


Yeah so he walked. Happy days. At least it wasn’t cos he didn’t want to train hard and go on the piss instead …


The only argument he makes seems to be about giving up drink nothing else as far as I can make out.One of his teammates rejected his view and said that the team were able to socialise at certain times.



This is going to become the norm rather than the exception. IC managers have lost the run of themselves and the two we have at the helm are as bad as any.
What we’re going to be left with is teams full of the most “committed” players rather than the best players. This is already the case in lots of counties.

What I never understand is why when a player walks away from a panel the spin on it is always “he didn’t have the commitment to play intercounty” rather than actually looking at the ridiculous and unnecessary commitment he was being asked to make.

Over 20 training sessions in December. Fucking December? Good luck


I’d agree with this. More and more great under age players will simply pack it in rather than have their entire lives taken over by what should be an enjoyable hobby. Already less successful counties are losing players because the effort simply isn’t justified any more. Far more fun to play with your mates in the club.

Never mind training. The season starts in December now.


Sure how many sessions have our 21 hurlers had so far and they won’t play a competitive game for about 5 months.


Club teams even training four nights a week, it’s out of control.

Then people will complain when players eventually ask for payments.


Micko was wise to this back in the day , no mun , no fun !


Nothing wrong with a good 6am session to get the day started. If you can’t stand the heat you’re better off piddling around with your club. Real men have 5 Celtic crosses!


Real men don’t play matches, they train. Stick your medals.


Our sports are meant to be hobbies. I don’t watch any form of soccer but am given to believe that it is all about money and has gone overboard. I do watch rugby and professionalism is killing the club game and putting a generation of players under pressure to do irreparable harm to their bodies. Hurling and football are professional in all but name and in danger of imploding. Small clubs and counties have no chance. The Sky move is a big mistake. The people at the top of the GAA are entirely divorced from reality and the views of club players. This won’t end well.


Perhaps you all should go down to st Clare’s and tell cluxton et al their lives are being wasted and it s all a sham. Drinking with their pals on Friday nights is far more rewarding and trying to be the best at what you love is simply a load of ol bollox. Tell us how you get on with that.


Yes. Because that’s the point we’re trying to make. And Cluxton’s medals will keep him happy. There are may more turning their back on the game because they have little or nothing to play for and don’t fancy 150 training sessions a year for no reward and maybe half a dozen games.

No player should ever have to walk away because he can’t train seven days a week


That’s the real issue. The season at every level has too few games and seemingly endless training.


Anybody who wants to play football or hurling can find a level or team to suit his or her commitment they don t have to walk away. Cluxton wants to be the best and is the best . The best usually are the most committed. This is not North Korea with forced training sessions or else the gulag.


sure i’ve heard of under 12s going on strength and conditioning plans.