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I’ve a confession to make. I watched off the ball yesterday only because Fergus Connolly was on it. Honestly it’s worth listening to. Fascinating insight into the man himself and speaks so highly of the Dubs and Jim Gavin. Also has a thing or two to say about Mayo and still believes they’ll never win an AI with that particular group


From 17.50 in for the stuff on Dublin if you want to avoid listening to Ger Gilroy pretending to know everything about a variety of sports


Agreed it’s really good. Gives an insight to working with Gavin from about half way throught podcast
Gavin really left no stone unturned when he took over, learning off the likes of Fergus Connolly, . Gavin also started on a blank sheet really even though he inherited some winners.

Link here


How do you make out he started with a “blank sheet” ?


Fergus Connolly said he started from scratch


Oh ok , I havnt listed to it . But he inherited a team two years out from winning an AI . He had a lot to work with from the beginning.


He still tore up a lot of things . System of play changed dramatically - lads like Fennell ditched with up to then periphery figures like Andrews Cooper straight into team with the young lads. 2013 team was very different to 2012 even if a good few of the core were still there


Started from scratch is exaggerating a tad, to say the least. He (very impressively) built on what was an exceptionally strong foundation.


I would assume he is talking about it from philosophy and sports science point of view


Very true. Could also argue he helped to create the foundation with a couple of U21 All irelands in 2010 and 2012.


Very true. Majority of u21 team in 2010 were on Dublin minor team that were hammered by Laois in 07 and beaten by Meath 08. Gary Sweeney and Ciaran Reddan were only players on that team that won a Leinster minor title from 09.


+1 Gavin gave championship debuts to Costello,Daly,Mannion,Rock and McCaffrey and Cooper(first championship starts as played sub under Gilroy).as well as bringing back Andrews as you stated.


Former Tipp hurler Kieran Bergin fairly went to town on the inter county setup commitment needed to be on the panel . Scathing stuff , on Woolys latest podcast .


Very good piece, apart from the bit near the end where Fergus said he’d like to see mayo win the All-Ireland. Ye can see Gilroy and enda kennys son’s blood boilin when he was praisin Gavin and the players. Even at the end ye could see the obsession they have with the Dubs been beatin, really lookin forward now to the end of the month and hopefully we’ll slaughter the sheep


Seriously… Gilroy and Gru where separated at birth. the resemblance is uncanny!


Yer man on the right is like Kenny’s pup


It was in one of the papers as well. He’s dead right. The cult of the manager is completely out of control now and will destroy the game eventually. It already has in some counties. Grown men treated like children. The carry on of some of our own in that regard would sicken you.


I have no problems with that, Id like to see them win one swell of course not at our expense. I thought it was decent piece. Interesting fellow.

Does anyone know if McKenna interviewed Brolly and if so do you have a link (pm it to me to avoid conflict! :))


Did you do drama in school Alan?


slightly odd piece