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Maybe decent broadcasters should be objective - like the very capable and likeable Michael Lester. But it would be a very dull world without Brolly, Dunphy and other opinionated commentators. I find Parkinson interesting - it doesn’t matter a shite to me if he is an obnoxious git. It’s strange that people leapt to the defense of Mccarron who has been involved in violent incidents, while a journalist whose main crime is that he doesn’t like Dublin gets monstered here.


Some here harbouring masochistic characteristics methinks … :scream:


Dub, have you link to podcast?


@JJF , bits about how people perceive him , HE puts wooly on the spot a few times , talks about the Leeroy black card . I know people hate the ■■■■ but genuinely its a good interview .




Cheers @Unbelievable


McCarron’s issues so serious, and him a current player, meant some people wanted to be careful about what they said.
Parky is in the media business, is not discussing his own issues, which don’t seem to be very serious anyway, is slagging off others, therefore by his own sword he is to some extent fair game for a bit of a bollicking. And I’m 200% sure he likes it, and feeds off it. And good luck to him btw


I like Connollys manner these days., No bulshit. Let’s get on with it, answer questions honestly to media . Win matches, and move on to the next one. Sounds grown up also.

There’s a bit of a roy keane there off the field actually without the cork chip on his shoulder of course. No surprise he’s winning all these games and trophies.


Classy alright …


I’m know he’s an arsehole . But what I was trying to put across was that DIARMO was really good in the interview . Listen to it just to hear him give his side of things if nothing less .


Let me think about that … No


And I thought I was a prickly cock at times! :slight_smile:


Whatever about the fact that it was Parkinson doing the interview thought Connolly spoke very well. Don’t get to hear from him too often. Pity all the same it was that knob interviewing him.


Was a good interview, Connolly comes across very well.


Connolly walked rings around the fool. Well in Dermo :+1:


Not sure where to post this but did anyone else get the book ‘Gaelic Fields’ by Paul Carroll. It was done through Kickstarter where he would only publish it if he got enough investors. Anyway I got my copy yesterday and it’s a beautiful book of photographs of GAA matches in club grounds in every county. Matches with backdrops of Benbulbin or the Atlantic Ocean. Naturally Binn Eadair is the Dublin photo. I don’t know if it’s going on sale in bookshops but if it is it would make a lovely present. If you Google it you can get to see some of the photos.

Staar thinks Kerry have to up the filth , sorry agression levels to compete with us .


What a load of rubbish from Donaghy. What an arsehole!


I really can’t see Santa coming down your chimney this year Hiller. You’ve been terrible bold and angry lately. A bag of coal (not that one) for you me lad …,


Come again??:upside_down_face: On the basis you might be better / choose your words more carefully than me how would you describe donkeys latest contribution here? Noting in particular that in donkeys opinion it was our aggression & willingness to do anything and he means anything to win that got us our latest win v the purists of football & terribly nice bunch of Kerry lads who wouldn’t have it in them to throw a sly dig!

Mother of Devine Jesus help me Dub09 :innocent: