Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Exactly and John and Dublin county board have nothing to gain from an interview with him or any other hack they would only be putting their hand out to be slapped as nothing positive would come from it.


No way would JC validate the blatant untruths and the crap that’s written by giving an interview and rightly so. There is no point in trying to educate a know all who knows f**k all. Absolutely nothing to be gained. When you are shown respect and a little decency then you can reciprocate. That will never happen these attention seeking muppets - they should just be ignored.


Republic of Ireland gig?


Jaysus we’re bad enough to have to look at …

As an Ulsterman he may be more attracted and suited to Windsor Park


There is absolutely no point in JC trying to tell the truth to those in the media who already know everything.


It would be a pr disaster , Costello or the DCB wouldn’t come out of it looking good regardless of whether he proved Spewan wrong or punched holes in his arguments. It is a no win situation , people’s minds outside of Dublin won’t be shifted on this subject because they so want to believe it’s true .
It’s the only way to console themselves for the position we are in now & the titles we have won .
In their eyes it deminishes our AI wins & that’s what they really want .


Yeah I agree its a no win situation, that part of me thinking was just wishful thinking. As pointed out JC is doing the job the best way. All the same it sickens the bollix outta of McKenna.

I think even geezer when he was at Kildare would hardly give him time. I remember reading an article and that was pointed out.


It just shows how much “journalism” has dropped into the gutter now .And I think someone said previously but online social media has alot to answer for . Twitter has single handedly given this loser a soap box to preach from . I had never heard of him til someone mentioned him here ages ago . Now he is pretty much the number one journo pushing this anti Dublin agenda .And that is what it is . The beatings we’ve given Kildare have driven him demented & this is his form of payback .Then you have all the lily’s working for OTB as well as Wooly , though I find his stuff amusing .
The whole objective of this is to rise Dublin fans , and he has been successful . If you weren’t online you’d have no idea who he is .


I can remember him from back around 2009, with his eircom power rankings. He took it very hard when Kildare lost against Donegal and the wonder point from Kevin Cassidy.


Yeah ? I only found out about him here , I stayed away from twitter for years .


He’s pissin us off alrite but every Dubs supporter knows he’s only a bitter little muppet, to be honest I didn’t really know about him much till I read it on here as I wouldn’t really listen to off the boil. It wasn’t too bad a few years ago when McDevitt was the main man, but its shite now with the other flour bag Gilroy. Its the biggest anti-Dub sports talk show out there , seems to be just full of mayo and kildare people and no real balance there. Very lobsided in favour of those outside the capital., apart I think of one lad McIntyre, that might be from Dublin ( not sure )


That’s the problem with OTB . It was really good when they had McDevitt , Murphy & Early on it . You had balance as Murphy wasn’t a snidey ■■■■ like the three arseholes they have running the show now .McEntrye is a dub & is the only one who defends us.
I don’t listen to their podcasts anymore , first port of call is Second Captains . There is an obscene anti Dublin narrative on OTB now , it’s cringe worthy at this stage.


Ding Dong…


No anti-Dub agenda on there at the moment. They’re too busy putting on fake English accents and jizzing themselves over a 0-0 draw between Watford and Stoke. Each to their own, I suppose.

I’d pay as much attention to their culchie baiting opinions as I would to a 0-0 draw between Watford and Stoke :wink:


The other night they were getting very excited about some drug cheat rugby player munster have signed.

They do have interesting panels on at the weekends occasionally, plenty of talk about gaa even in the winter.


For the most part I don’t listen to it (certainly since last September when all their heads nearly exploded especially cabbages). On another note who presents at the weekend and when does this guy mcentyre be in?

I know the second captains have the TV and podcast - surprised they never got picked up by another radio station to do a live radio version of it.


I’ve no issues with coverage of other sports but I draw the line when the conversation is switched to GAA :wink:


Back in a minute


I’m not a doctor but I could probably hazard a guess at which part.


Now Wash Your Hands.