Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


He’s citing domestic issues. Poor man must be weighed down with yen…


Wait… Is that racist?


It’s fried rice you plick…

That’s racist, yours was just funny as f***!


He is 45 and now heading to Europe for the next stage of his coaching development, how old will he be when this development will finally be finished, he is some bullshitter.


Im not sayin antin, but theres a vicious rumour doin the rounds he’s been in contact with our Jim lookin for a number


Can I just help you all by resting your sphincters… That will never happen!


I’d imagine it’s not an easy gig working and living in China at the best of times but more so when you have young kids back home. I’d cut him slack there.

Stoke … eh …


That s Japan s currency , were you not paying attention in school!


I was doing my best to be racist. They’re all the same aren’t they? Can’t believe it took over an hour for somebody to react!!!


It happens to me glasnevin/ Ballymun, like Japan/China sure what can you do we are all victims .


Seriously, I was in getting a house special the other night and yer man behind the counter told me so




Have to say this is class :blush:
He sadly passed away today I think


Spewan asked for an interview with John Costello :grin: Shot down.


Well done John :clap:

See Ewan this is what your constant mud flinging gets you :+1:


Glad he was turned down though part of me would like to see JC go for it and debate the issues with spewan and for spewan to write a fair and impartial article on the basis of it instead of the one sided opinion he keeps peddling.


And part of me wants Natalie Portman to show up at my front door in a Nurses Uniform.

I reckon that’s more likely than Mr McKenna being fair and impartial when he sees Blue.


true… I had a quick look on twitter account (I’ll say the ten Hail Marys later) and the fucker is getting a lot of traffic out of it already.

I’m sure his buddy cabbage will be along any minute to join in on the crusade.


John quite rightly lets his feelings be known once a year. The rest of the time he quietly gets on with doing great a great job. He’s under no obligation to explain himself to anyone in the media.


I read yesterday where someone was saying we don’t do enough fund raising in comparison to Mayo & Kerry in regards to we only raised like €54k last year through fr and asking questions about that .