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Got a good chuckle from this ‘Alternative Ending’ to last Septembers final


VERy good!


That’s excellent!


Very good indeed. :laughing:
Competition for Aido’s Diary.


Except the alternate all ireland is funny.


Sharp as a tack Mr. White!






That’s brilliant !


Though nowhere near as funny as you Monsieur Blanc… :smirk:

''Tis very good fair play. I’d imagine a few pints in the company of the author would be an evening well spent … wasted maybe … but well spent too …


WATCH: This is what happens when Kildare GAA star kicks football into Storm Eleanor


Wonder how many times he did that to get it to come back to the same spot? At least 50



See Premier League thread of last week …


I assume you are messing. The premier league would nt take a chance on jimbo. The Germans tend to be a bit more innovative hence jimbo getting that coaching job. Klimnsman brought in non football staff when in charge of Germany for e.g


Wonder has someone been in touch with him :thinking:


Neil Lennon at hibs be most likely. He gave him his opportunity at Celtic. Mcg family are in Glasgow. He probably got a decent wedge for his season in China to soften the blow of being away.


McGuinness will be back coaching intercounty GAA within 3 years or so. Mayo, if they haven’t won Sam by then. He will revolutionise the sport by having 15 players in the opposition half for most of the game…


First SpatOutMeCoddle moment of the year, well played.


Sounds like it was a disaster for Jim - he lasted 5 months despite a very lucrative contract ???

I honestly don’t care where he goes as long as the Irish times don’t bring him back in as a gaa columnist