Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)



Christ , that’s unreal :grimacing:




Fair play to Leo for spreading the good word. :+1:


It’s not that he is not a GAA fan , he just hasn’t got a fucking clue what he’s talking about.


I think anyone putting a name or ‘Hill 16’ on the back of a GAA jersey should be hung by their b*ll** regardless who they are!!


Oh Jaysus


For those of you who love nothing better that to get all outraged by media shite…Kimmage will be on Off the Ball this weekend.

Let the frothing at the mouth begin! :joy:


This best thing to do there is to totally blank the prick


I get my jollies from reading the outrage on here after such events.

Won’t be tuning in. Don’t think I’ve ever heard Kimmage speak in my life.


There’s more to Ireland than Dublin, they wailed through nashed teeth.


He was interesting when he stuck to what he knew about.

Now he’s just a gobshite


It is good readin the comments, I wont be listen’n either, Ye said ye might not have heard him so I dont know if ye ever saw him, but just for the record he’s 2 ugly bastards


What do you think cabbage will be shiting in about?


Hoping he puts the boot in on the Dubs just for the craic on here.

Otherwise, I dunno. Steroid huffing rugby players maybe?


probably to make an apology realisin he made a complete prick of himself and didn’t get support or backup from anyone in the capital apart from his paymasters and the likes of that mob on off the boil


OR as the North Koreans would say to Bellow and Hoot in the Fashion of a Drunken Ape.


He’ll be baiting his hook again for another fishing exercise, or wailing about how the Dublin fans are giving him grief on the web. Either way he’s just looking to stir up a bit of shock value interest for the O’Brien media companies. He should just go the whole 9 yards and get a gig with the star or sunday world, thats the level he’s operating at now.


Or even better and ■■■■ off and not come back.


Varadkar’s a twat